Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Desh Bhakti Status in Hindi for Whatsapp, Desh Bhakti Quotes

Enjoy Desh bhakti status in Hindi for Whatsapp, independence day, republic day. Get short, cute, hot, funny, patriotic Desh bhakti status for Whatsapp, facebook. Enjoy only new, unique and updated Desh bhakti status, quotes, sayings or messages.

Desh Bhakti status in Hindi for Whatsapp

If you are desh bhakt and want to show Desh bhakti for your country then enjoy our short and inspiring Desh bhakti status in Hindi for Whatsapp. Just share and feel proud of your country and their men.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Dukhi Status in Hindi, Dukhi Quotes in Hindi, Facebook

Enjoy short, hurt, breakup, heartbroken Dukhi status in Hindi. Get best, cool, funny dukhi status, for Whatsapp, facebook, girlfriend, boyfriends, husband or wife. Only unique and laest, new Dukhi status, quotes or messages.

Dukhi status in Hindi

If you are sad, heartbroken, and in tears then share your feelings with the world. We have a short, hurt, cute, cool collection of dukhi status in Hindi.

Badmashi Status for Whatsapp, Badmashi Quotes in Hindi

Enjoy best, short, cute, funny Badmashi status for Whatsapp, facebook, girlfriend, boyfriend. Get latest, unique Badmashi status in Hindi, for Whatsapp and friends. Enjoy just new and hilarious Badmashi quotes or messages.

Badmashi Status in Hindi

If you are looking for Badmashi status in Hindi, then enjoy our Hindi font quotes on shaitani or badmashiyan. It is a short and funny quotes and you can freely share it with friends and networks.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Dosti status for Whatsapp in Hindi, Dosti quotes, Facebook messages

Enjoy best, short, funny Dosti status for Whatsapp in Hindi, Get cute, cool, witty, hilarious, khushi, and new Dosti status for Whatsapp, facebook, friends, girl, boy, husband, wife. Enjoy only latest and unique Dosti quotes, sayings or messages.

Dosti status for Whatsapp in Hindi

You are happy that you have got best friends and if you are not lucky to get them, then search for best people and make them a good friend. Just enjoy our Hindi Yaari status, quotes or messages and share your feelings every day. Just enjoy short Dosti quotes.

Dekh Pagli Status for Whatsapp in Hindi, Pagli Quotes

Enjoy best, cute, cool, funny Dekh Pagli status for Whatsapp, facebook. Get hot, new, latest dekh, Pagli status for Whatsapp in Hindi. Only unique pagli quotes, sayings or messages.

Dekh Pagli Status for Whatsapp

So you want to share best of dekh pagli status for Whatsapp, facebook with your love one, then enjoy our short, funny, hot, cute, and cool pagli status in Hindi.