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Crush Status For Whatsapp, Short Crush Messages

Best crush status for Whatsapp & facebook. Enjoy cool crush messages in Hindi & English for boys & girls. We have written unique and cool crush quotes for you.

short crush status for whatsapp and facebook

 Crush Status For Whatsapp

 If you are looking for funny, and cool crush quotes or messages for facebook and Whatsapp, then enjoy your visit. Here, you will get best and unique crush Whatsapp status for you to share with your friends.

I can’t stop loving you because it’s like breathing.
If loving you is a crime, then I am most wanted criminal.
Oh my god, I am hit by the contagious disease called love.
I am not a magician, otherwise, could have hidden you from the world.
Love is like a magic, dearest illusion when you have it, disturbed illusion when you lose it.
Your smiling face helped me to win joyful person of the world.
Because of your smile, I always got late in office.
You are my first and last love.
You are the only reason for my smile.
You said love is impossible for you, I believe I am possible for you.
You said no, but why you were cooking for me. Don’t say in dreams.
Perfect match, when you fall someone will catch you.
Crush is better than love, you can smile on one-sided affair.
I am low in confidence, but high in relationships.
My eyes can speak what I wanted to say.
Whenever I meet you, can’t express what I wanted to say you.
You are in my dreams, soon you will be in my arms too.
Have you seen my heart? It’s been stolen since I met you.
I love you can’t tell you because I am afraid of losing you.
I am happy to have you as a friend, but I would like to have you as friend cum partner.
I missed you, I am missing you, I will miss you.
My hand is always ready to hold your hand.
Age difference does not make sense in a true love.
The easiest thing is falling in love. But toughest thing is staying in love.
We can’t hold blowing air and feeling of loves. But we can hold true love forever.

Crush Status For Whatsapp In Hindi

As we already said, we love Hindi and that is why giving space for our Hindi Whatsapp status lover. You can express your crush and expect some returns with a lovely and cool crush status for Whatsapp.

आप पहले कहीं भी रहते हो, पर अभी मेरे दिल में रहते हो । 
अपने प्यार का इजहार करना चाहता हूँ,
पर अापको खोने से भी डरता हूँ । 
आपके हाँ का इंतजार है, बैंड बाजा सब तैयार है। 
पुलिस स्टेशन में बड़ा बड़ा लिखा है, "दिल चोरी होने की रपट ना लिखाएँ, कृप्या खुद ही निपट लें "।
प्यार करने से अच्छा उसका एहसास है,
जिसे प्यार मिल जाए, उसकी लाइफ में सब कुछ ख़ास है। 
 मैं प्यार करने में थोड़ा कच्चा हूँ,
पर रिश्ते निभाने में सबसे अच्छा हूँ । 
मेरा पहला प्यार और आखरी प्यार आप ही हो, बस आपके इकरार का इन्तजार है। 
मैं बोलने वाली बात छुपा जाता हूँ,
बस आँखों से ही कह पता हूँ । 
हर बार सोचता हूँ की आज कह ही डालूंगा,
मिलने के बाद सोचता हूँ की कल पक्का बोल डालूंगा । 
आप ने झट से ना कह कर पीछा चुरा लिया,
पर सपनों में अपना अड्डा क्यों बन लिया?
मैं मस्कुलर नहीं हूँ, पैर इतना स्ट्रॉंग हूँ की मुसीबतों को आप तक पहुँचने से पहले ही रोक सकूँ । 


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