Friday 27 May 2016

Husband Wife Status For Whatsapp, Short Wife Quotes

Best, funny husband wife status for Whatsapp & Facebook. Get latest wife status quotes in Hindi & English. Enjoy our unique messages to impress others.

Wife Status For Whatsapp

You can use our husband wife messages to impress or depress your partner. If your intention is to have fun, then use some sarcastic wife status quotes. Let’s see how unique are our messages to share it.

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Detective and jealous spouse are better in research.
Wives are like fire, don’t ignore them, if do then be ready for back-fire.
Beware, my wife is a detective.
I only love my wife, Don’t dare to mess with her.
If your wife butters you with no reason, then ready to lose balance.
Wife definition – woman in freedom entirely.
I am proud to be my wife’s husband. Females are a devil, but my wife is a queen of all of them.
Your wife fled with someone? Ohh god, rest him in peace.
Successful men blessed with their women wishes.
Before marriage wife was a sober girl, after marriage I became a sober man.
I can’t believe I have got a loving wife.
You were in my dreams before marriage, now I hate dreams.
I was dreaming about a beautiful wife, I got both beautiful wife and life.
Your wife cares for you because she believes that you love her too.
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Husband Wife Status For Whatsapp

This section is for both, husband and wife. If you want to frequently change your Whatsapp status, then enjoy our collection to tease your partner.

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I only love my wife, only when she is around.
Wife and husbands are life two poles of a magnet, everything is fine until they are in a mood to repel.
I saw my husband with someone, when I asked, he said, “ it was to jealous you”.
I asked my husband about his past, he said it was neat and clean like girls character.
My wife speaks to someone late night, I asked her, she replied, “Old friend is looking for love, and I am giving him a shoulder”.
My wife does not like talking strangers but talks everything with known friends.
I wish I could mute my wife at my wish.Why? She even shouts in my dream.
Why devorce? If we don’t feel cozy? Directly search for the rosy.
My wife's credit card has been lost, thank god, the thief has saved my lots of money.
Husbands are like sweets, tasty and joyful before expiration.
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