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Sister Status For Whatsapp, Short Brother Sister Quotes

Best, new brother and sister status for whatsapp. Get funny, cute sister status quotes for whatsapp & facebook messages.

sister status for whatsapp

Want to share sister quotes to express your feelings? Yes you can start doing now with unique status updates on sister messages.

My home is garden, sisters are different flowers of the garden.
My sister is like mother who is my best friend.
Sister will support you in your bad time.
Sister can be a best friend, best friend can’t be your sister.
Elder sisters are like best buddy to hide secrets.
I can share things with sister, which I can’t with parents.
My elder sister is like santa claus, she knows what to gift.
Sisters are like umbrella, shelter you when you need it.
Sisters will care for you throughout the life.
Sisters are like secret book, share any secret or sin.
Sisters will forgive you, not forget you.
Childhood memories are incomplete without sisters.
I annoyed my sister much, she smiled always even she got hurt.
Have sisters? Then you will never walk alone.
My parents need to convey my feeling, My sister knows telepathy.

Brother and Sister Status For Whatsapp in hindi

I have seen many people asking for brother and sister status in hindi. No problem we have a good and best collection of brother sister status quotes to share.
बहने यूँ तो भाइयों से लड़ेंगी ,पर भाइयों के लिए बाहर वालो की आँखें नोच लेगी ।
कभी कभी बहने दुर्गा का रूप ले लेती हैं,चाहे भाई के लिए या,फिर भाई के खिलाफ ।
हम भाई बहन एक ही गार्डन के फूल हैं ।
मैं अपने बहन के लिए जी सकता हूँ ,जरुरत परने पर उसके लिए मर भी सकता हूँ ।
बड़ी बहन भगवान के फ़रिश्ते हैं ,जो आपके साथ ही रोते और हँसते हैं ।
माँ को तो कभी नहीं देखा ,एक बहन ही हे जो माँ और बाप का प्यार देती है ।
मेरे पेरेंट्स को बताना परता हे,बहने तो बिन कहे ही सब समझ जाती है ।
तुझे खो के आज जाना बहना ,की फरिश्तों की कितनी अहमियत होती हे लाइफ में ।
रक्षाबंधन का त्योहार कितना पवित्र होता है,जिसमे बहने खुश और भाई रोता है ।
दुनिया में रिश्ते टूट सकते हैं, बिखर सकते हैं, पर भाई बहन का प्यार ना टूटेगा, ना बिखरेगा, हमेशा सवरेगा ।
बहनों का प्यार भी बड़ा निराला है,लड़ाई के बाद भी बढाती दोस्ती का निवाला है ।
भगवान् का शुक्र है की मैं छोटा हूँ,बहनो को फिर भी बहोत धोता हूँ ।
सुना है, शादी के बाद भी बहने भाई को नहीं भूलती,आज महसूस भी कर लिया ।
तेरी शादी में ना रोये थे बहना,मत पूछ तेरे जाने पर कितना रोये थे बहना।
ऐसा क्यूँ होता है? बहनो को जिंदगी भर सहना परता है ।
मेरी बहनो का जवाब नहीं कोई,रूठने पर आज भी मानाने आती है वो ही ।
दूर जाके भी भाई बहन का प्यार होगा ना काम,बस आवाज़ देना बहना, साथ दूंगा हर दम ।

Brother and Sister status for whatsapp

This section is for brother and sister to share their funny moments via status quotes or message each other via mobile.
She loves me as a brother, I respect her as a mom.
My best friend is my sister, now and ever.
Brother and sisters are like mind and heart, one will think and other will follow.
Friends will time pass with you, sisters will help you to pass bad time.
You will see different shades of friends, but sister will have only one shade of caring friend.
I used to fight my sister, she used to patch up everytime.
I used to try different ideas to hurt my sister, She used to find happy moments for me.
I never been a good brother, she always been a best sister in the world.
I used to complaint to parents against my sister, she never complaint though I made her to cry.
You have best friend? Fine I have my sister who is my best friend too.
Gods have few angels, But they gave me one angel as a sister.
I never ditched by best friend, because my sister was mine best friend.
If the life is cookies, then sisters are like chocolate chips.
If sister is your partner against bad time, then bad time has no stature to stand for a day or so.
Yes, I can proudly say “ I have sister with golden heart”.

Missing Sister Status For Whatsapp

So you are missing your sister? Want to say miss you sister? Now you think as a brother your sister is missing u too? No worries, atleast you start with your feelings then wait for her to reply you back.

I will miss my sister, but will be more happy to see her as a pilot.
I need to wait for my sister, she went to become doctor.
I had only one sister, she got married and unfortunately left me.
I wish my sister can join us in summer vacation.
I miss those days when my sister used to hide my mistakes from parents.
I miss school days, when I and my sister used to go school together.
I thought I could manage without my best friend, but now I am missing you sister badly.
I had only one best friend, since my sister got married, I lost my best friend.
I don’t want to miss those days, when I used to beat my caring sister for fun.
I hope you are missing me same as I do. Come back soon sister.

Funny Sister Status For Whatsapp

Now lets look for the funny quotes for sisters that you want to share with your sibling or elder sisters.
My sister and I used to fight for the toys, ultimately we used to break it.
My sister always used to help me, only by giving bribe for the same.
My sister always promises to hide my secret, but she does tell it to mom every time.
I had to share things with my sister, I was happy alone.
I don’t have sister, I am happy because i don’t want to share gifts with her.
I used to scare my sister even in her dreams.
I was happy with one sister, now two are making fool of mine.
I thought my sister cares for me, but she cares about my gifts.
Best part of having sister is you can use her as a punching bag.
I always beat my sisters to tear, because I need to lose my frustration.
Though brother or sister are distanced. But they are attached via love.
I will forget everything but not my sisters and their loving.


We have just covered sister status for whatsapp in hindi, English, funny, and best way. I hope you all are missing your sisters or going to miss her one day. Don’t fight with sisters, because you will repent in later part of the life. If you have any thoughts or sharing moment as a brother or sister then do contact us.

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