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Best Breakup Status For Whatsapp, Short Breakup Quotes

Get angry, best, cool, and funny breakup status for Whatsapp & Facebook. Enjoy latest, new short breakup status quotes for boyfriends & girlfriends in Hindi & English.

breakup status for whatsapp and facebook

Best Breakup Status For Whatsapp in Hindi

Unlike another post, today we will talk about breakup Whatsapp status in Hindi first. Enjoy best and unique breakup messages for Facebook and Whatsapp.
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आप पर भरोसा था जो टूट गया,
अब मेरे उनको, मुझ पर भरोसा नहीं । 
वाह री औरत, प्यार किया मुझसे और शादी की उससे ।
दिल तोर के निकल गए कुछ ऐसे,
जैसे दिल तोडने का पेशा हो कबसे । 
आपके बिना हम जी लेंगे, मर लेंगे,
पर  किसी और के नहीं होंगे। 
ये सच्च है, प्यार एक जुआ है,
जिसमे खिलाड़ी ही जीतता है,
अनारी तो सर पीटता है । 
अक्कड़ दिखा के निकल गया तू,
तेरी औकात नहीं है, अकरने की । 
 चाँद और मैं रात में निकलते हैं,
पर उसे मामू और मुझे फालतू क्यों कहते हैं । 
हाँ करदे मुझको, वरना ना कर दूँगा तुझको । 
प्यार को पाने के लिए पैसे कमाए,
अब वो ही पैसे काम ना आए । 
सुना है, प्यार अँधा होता है,
साला, फिर नया कैसे ढूँढ लेता है ।

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Breakup Status for Whatsapp in English

Breakup in love is not a rare thing to be heard. You can express your feelings by putting some great breakup quotes.

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My heart was made for torn by you.
I wish I could erase your memories from my heart.
You think you broke relation? you broke my heart as well.
I will wait for you until I will get best one.
You will not miss me for my love, but for being a punching pad for you.
Love is not a spit, which you will get in seconds.
You are not mine, still I afraid of losing you.
The transition from happy to the sad life seems infinite.
I will not waste time on thinking of a wasted time.
I wish I could not have met you, silly wish.
You went away, but why you are coming in my dreams.

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Sad Breakup Status for Whatsapp

The breakup is indeed a hurting thing to have. This section is for those who loved their partner but ditched by them.

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You went, but I don’t want you to let go.
You enjoyed with me, now enjoying with someone else.
You met me as a lover, went away as a liar.
I would die for love rather than be seeing my love die.
I ignored all your mistakes, you did not forget the mistake of mine loving you.
You gone? Fine, I will get better than you.
Just give a chance to change, don’t break like this.
You were sweet in a relationship, but tasteless in a breakup.
Trusting you as a lover was my first and last mistake.
Trusted heart and dusted eyes will always cry.

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Funny Breakup Status for Whatsapp

Sometimes relation ends in a funny manner. Keeping those funny moments in mind we have some good collection for you to go through.

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I fell in love by mistake.
I hope you will remember me as your ex.
Your love is like my dog, shits everywhere.
Love is like wine, the whole world is yours, once gone who are you?
Wine is like a love, no maturity, and no sincerity.
I broke with him/her in lunch time.
Thank god you said over, now I am free to say yes.
Love game is interesting for liars and shayar's.
I miss him/her for good things.
I am missing her, not as a love but as an enemy.

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We have just covered Breakup status for Whatsapp in Hindi and English. If you think you have something to share with us, then write us. We will surely consider it listing in our sad breakup Whatsapp status. 

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