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Best Friendship SMS in Hindi and English

Enjoy lovely, cool, best friendship SMS for boy, girl, husband, and wife. Get funny, lovely, cute, nice, sweet friendship SMS for girlfriend, and boyfriend in Hindi and English.

friendship SMS in Hindi and English.

Best friendship SMS in English

If you are looking for the best, cool, cute SMS for friendship then we have just awesome collection for you.

If you wish for love, you will get a girlfriend, If you wish will wish for happiness, you will get peace. If you will wish for success you will get everything, If you will wish for friendship, then you will get me.
Life changes from classroom to an office, books to files, jeans to formal, pocket money to salary, girlfriend to wife but friendship remains same, close to heart and pocket.
I don’t want a friend who wobbles, otherwise, nobody will stand still.
The best friend should move a hand to hand, otherwise, anyone will mislead them.
I miss you as it is my hobby, I care for you as it is my job, I make you happy because it is my dream. Happy friendship day
True friendship is bright like a sun, deep like an ocean, beautiful like a rose, high like a sky, strong like an iron, kind like a mother, cute like you, and sweet like you.
True friendship is for those who care and respect their friends even in the worst mood.
Best friendship is because of understanding, don’t break with him/her because of misunderstanding.
I have seen a small ship, and big ship but never seen a real ship, which is called friendship.
Meeting you is my luck, being your friend is my wish, living with you is my happiness, dying first is my dream. Happy friendship day.
God created parents for blessing, sisters for helping, wife for loving, boss for irritating, but friends for sharing.

Friendship SMS in Hindi

Get Hindi SMS collection for friendship to show your feeling or to show what you have gone through.
भगवान ने मुझसे पूछा, तुझे जिंदगी मिली फिर भी तू दोस्तों में ही क्यों रमा रहता है?
मैने कहा भगवन, अपनों ने तो मरने के लिए छोड़ा था, इन दोस्तों ने ही बचा रखा है। 
जा रे मेरे गुलाब, सजन को पैगाम देना,
तुमने तो मेरी बगिया उजाड़ दी है,
पर दोस्तों ने वो ही बगिया फिर संवार दी है। 
दुनिया वालों की दुनिया दरी देखी,
सब कुछ लुटा दिया इस दुनिया पर,
मगर सबसे बढ़कर अपने यार की यारी देखी। 
दोस्त की परिभाषा - जो कभी रुलाये, जो बिन बुलाये आये, जो आपकी जेब खाली करवाए, जो आपका भेजा खाये, जो आपको हंसाये, लेकिन हमेशा आपका साथ निभाए। 
दोस्ती मौसम नहीं जो बार बार बदल जाए,
दोस्ती ख़ुशी नहीं जो बुरे वक्त में साथ छोड़ जाए,
दोस्ती उम्र के साथ बढ़ती जाए।  
मधुबन खुशबू देता है, सागर लहरों से भिगो देता है,
और दोस्त हमेशा दुख में साथ देता है। 
भगवान से हमेशा माँगा तेरे लिए, मेरा दोस्त जिए सिर्फ मेरे लिए। 
तेरी मेरी दोस्ती के किस्से हैं मशहूर,
मौका मिले तो सुनाना जरूर,
ऐसी दोस्ती पर सबको होगा गुरुर। 
जिंदगी एक बार मिलती है, मौत भी एक बार होती है,
बचपन और जवानी भी एक बार मिलता है,
लेकिन दोस्ती हमारे साथ सदा चलती है। 
दर्द की तन्हाई में डूब न जाना,
मसरूफियत में दोस्तों को ना भुलाना,
कामयाबी कदम चूमेगी तुम्हारी,
लेकिन दुआएँ देने के लिए दोस्तों को जरूर बुलाना। 
दोस्तों से सदा महफ़िल रंगीन हैं,
दोस्तों से सदा जिंदगी हसीन है,
मुश्किल है दोस्तों के साथ जीना,
क्योंकिं मेरे सरे दोस्त जलील है।  

Funny friendship SMS

If you want to tease your friends in a funny way then we have a funny SMS for friendship. Enjoy new and fresh SMS collection for you people.
friendship is not a budget to calculate, friendship is not a dream to forget, friendship is not a lesson to learn, friendship is not a joke to laugh, friendship is like a rainbow to show different shades of life.
There is nothing precious than our true friendship except my assets.
Friendship is a source of energy that will help you in difficulties but same friendship will suck your energy that urged you to cheat a friend.
I have seen many so called true friends leaving people in their difficult time.
I used to remember my true friends but they never came. Today I remembered selfish friends and see you came.
Frog said to muddy water – You can’t see my tears if I will cry, Muddy water said – Dear, I can feel your tears because you are in my heart. It’s called true friendship.
Dear friend, don’t cry on my death, don’t waste time thinking about me, don’t waste money on flowers, just come and meet me directly, in heaven we will have fun together.
Let’s cheers for a girl, boy, love, life, and wife but leave the bills to be cleared by friends.
You enjoyed my death because you were the host, don’t forget I will come as a ghost.
I wish your mobile will be stolen, I will flirt with girls, and leave you to be beaten by them.


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