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Naughty SMS For Boyfriend, Girlfriend – Naughty Quotes

Enjoy funny, hilarious, witty, naughty SMS for girlfriend, boyfriend, him and her. Get best, cool, cute, teasing naughty SMS quotes or text messages for Whatsapp, Facebook in Hindi and English.

Naughty sms for girlfriend, boyfriend

Naughty SMS in English

Are you looking for only English naughty quotes or text messages? Then we have a good collection for you to share it with your friends.

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Boy – let’s talk naughty and make my heart beat faster.Girl – just run fast. Boy – be romantic no.Girl – Run faster because my father is coming.
Wife – You love me then prove it.Husband – you are alive, what other proof you want?
Imagine, when one lip will come closer to other lip then what will happen? Dirty minds, it will simply shut the mouth.
Boyfriend – will you love me after marriage as well?Girlfriend – It will depend on my husband nature.
I saw my friend and I shouted, hello idiot here, trust me about 50 people turned around.
A Woman at bus stop – these babies are so cute, they belong to you? Man – No madam, I am a condom manufacturer and these are clients complaints.
Doctor – madam you are so weak and exhausted, are you enjoying meals as per my advice?Lady – What meals? I thought you said males and I gave the chance to my servant as well.
Boy – I am feeling bored today. Girl – no problem, just open the chain and put your hand inside. Boy – Oh really? Girl – yes, and take out the book of the bag and read it.
Student – teacher, can a girl get pregnant at the age of 12? Teacher – No dear, I think you should tell your girlfriend to chill. Student – Yes teacher, please tell your daughter to chill and relaxed.
Lady – yesterday, he came and sucked me, and once satisfied he fled. Husband – let’s file a complaint against him. Lady – I am talking about a mosquito, you dirty mind.

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Naughty SMS for girlfriend in English and Hindi

Unlike other SMS’s we have mixed naughty SMS for girlfriend in English and Hindi. Enjoy mix text of naughty messages and share this cocktail with your friends too.

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लडकी और चाय, बिल्कुल एक जैसी होती है,दोनों hot होती हैं, और साथ हो तो सोने नहीं देती हैं। 
लडकी- मैं पूरी रात बाहर थी फिर भी मेरी माँ ने कुछ नहीं कहा?लडका- बोलती कैसे? वो जो पूरी रात घर पर नहीं थी।लडकी- तुम्हे कैसे पता?लडका- भूल गई, कल मेरे पापा भी घर पर नहीं थे। 
लडकी - देखा, आदमी लोग शादी के बाद भी दूसरी औरतों पर नजर रखते हैं, तुम ऐसा ना करना।
लडका- पागल हो क्या? मेरी नजर तो उनकी बेटियों पर ही रहती है। 
वाह रे दुनियाँ का क़ानून,
लडकी किसी को प्यार दे तो सच्चा प्यार,
अगर दोस्त को प्यार दे तो उपहार,
पति को प्यार दे तो संस्कार,
और हम खुद ही प्यार करे तो वो दुराचार?
लडके और लडकियों की अंताक्षरी चल रही थी पिकनिक में,लडके- चोली के पीछे क्या है? चुनरी के निचे क्या है?लडकियाँ- हम तुम्हे हरा के दिखा देंगे, की लडकियों में है कितना दम। लडके- अच्छा जी हम हारे, चोली के पीछे क्या है अब दिखाओ ना।
Yesterday girl called me and asked to come urgently, I went in a mood, and she gave me a broom to clean her room.
Boyfriend – how many affairs you had? Girlfriend – hmmBoyfriend – thank god, I know you never had a boyfriend.Girlfriend – I am still counting baby.
Why are girls lesbian? Because they don’t want to see guys happy.
Girls you always do shopping for clothes but have you noticed that you enjoy most without it.
Girl – I have written a book but how to cover the money? Boy – simply put your photo on a cover without covering yourself.

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Naughty SMS for boyfriend in Hindi, English

As we already said, we have created a cocktail for you people. If you want to share Hindi and English naughty SMS with your friends or boyfriends then we have a quality collection for you.
Friend – what happen, why you are so sad?Man – my wife is pregnant.Friend – tension no?man – my girlfriend is also pregnant.Friend - terror no?Man – but I am not responsible for any of them.
Friend – Idiot no?
Boy – what is your age?Girl – 20 Boy- I am also 20 years oldGirl – cool no?Boy – you like cricket?Girl – yes, why?Boy – let’s play 20-20 match no.
Son – mon, dad is in love with a woman, and it's.......Mom to father – you cheater, I want a divorce now.Son – mom he is in love with a woman and it's you.
You are too hot and handsome and my complete man until I will not get better than you.
Girls are shameful because they want everything from one boy.Boys are helpful because they want only one thing from every woman.
Man wants to commit a suicide.A friend asked – Why? Man said – My wife fled away with a Pathan, and I can’t live without my Pathan.
बाजार वाली थोड़ी करक होती है,ऑफिस वाली थोड़ी पतली होती है,घर वाली गरम गरम होती है,अब आप बताओ कैसी रोटी पसंद करेंगे आप?
लडकी - कल मैने बहुत अजीब सपना देखा। लडका - क्या देखा?लडकी- की तुम मुझे धोखा दे रहे हो। लडका- पागल डरा दिया, मुझे लगा सच में देख लिया। 
आज आपको एक बात बताना चाहती थी,छुपाना तो चाहती थी, पर कोई और बताएगा तो?आज आपकी पैंट फटी थी और चड्डी भी नहीं थी। 
जानु बस दो काम करना, पहला, भगवान से अपने लिए लम्बी उमर मांगना,दूसरा, दूसरे लम्बी उमर प सके तो नहा लेना। 
लडकी- मेरे मरने के बाद क्या करोगे?लडका - बचा क्या है करने को, बस तुम्हारी बहिन को लाइन दूंगा। 


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