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Sad Alone Status For Whatsapp, Short Alone Quotes

Get heart touching, feeling alone, sad alone status for Whatsapp, facebook. Enjoy latest, new, funny alone status quotes for Whatsapp in Hindi and English for girls, boys, husband, and wife.

sad alone status for whatsapp

Alone status for Whatsapp in English

You are alone because you have been left by someone or you have left someone for some reason. Share your hurting alone moments with your friends.
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I am feeling alone but feeling good.
I am alone, it’s sad to hear but good to feel.
Now a day’s I don’t even know myself.
I am rich by money but poor by friendship.
I am feeling lonely without you, come back.
You are rich but you are alone.
I am alone it’s sad but now nobody will hurt me.
I tried hard to satisfy you but failed every time.
I hate myself since I know you are in pain because of me.
I am alone and invisible for all pains and sorrows.
I want to sleep long until you will wake me up.
I have a good friend, my loneliness.
My loneliness is my best friend.
A truth is made to hurt you for a while, but lie will hurt you for a lifetime.
Hide your loneliness with your cute smile.
I will not forget you until you will not forgive me.
Key to enjoy loneliness, stop thinking of your past.
You can use your alone status to think positive because negativeness is all around.
You were alone before him, Just start from their only.
Don’t fall in love, otherwise, be ready to be alone.
If you feel alone with your love, then it’s time to make a decision.
I am not fake, but mine smiles are. Otherwise, you will see my lonely heart.
You were not alone before her, why feeling alone after her?
Are you feeling alone? Sorry boss, you are with your past.
I enlighten few nights of my with our loving memories.
I would prefer to be alone, rather than played by wrong people.
Don’t judge your life partner in few meets, give time or be ready for lonely nights.
My tears are prayers to god, hopefully, you will come back.
I am fed up of being alone, ready to catch love train.
I am still alone because I am looking for someone who will accept me with my past.
I loved walking with you, now hate walking alone with your memories.

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alone status for Whatsapp in Hindi

IF you want to share sad, alone status in Hindi for Whatsapp or facebook friends, then we have a new and updated collection of alone status.

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कायनात की खुशियों से मुँह मोड़ के, तेरी यादों से हमने वफ़ा की।   
हमारे होने का दावा करने वाले, पता नहीं किस किस के हो गए।  
दुखी थे आपसे जुदाई का सोच कर, अब और दुखी हैं, आपकी तन्हाई का सोच कर। 
जिंदगी तू इतना ना सता की, तुझे सताने के लिए हम जीना छोड़ दें।  
यादों की गहराई में, आपका पुराना वादा याद आया। 
हमसे दूर जाना तो एक बहाना था,असल में आपको किसी और का होना था।   
आपकी वफ़ा पर इतना यकीन था,की आज भी आपकी बेवफाई का यकीन नहीं है।
आपकी बेवफाई का एहसास आपके जाने के बाद हुआ।
आज भी हम आपके इन्तजार में हैं,पर क्या करें आप तो किसी और के प्यार में हैं।  
धोका ही देना था, तो धोका होने का एहसास क्यों खत्म किया। 
आप अकेलापन फील कर रहे हो? इसका मतलब आप अतीत के साथ जी रहे हो।  
यादें भी कमाल होती हैं, यादों के दिए जलाते हैं,फिर भी यादें कम नहीं हो पाते हैं। 
आपके आने से पहले हम अकेले ना थे,ना जाने क्यों? आपके जाने  बाद अकेला महसूस करते हैं।   
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