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Life Status For Whatsapp, Short Life Quotes

Get new, sad,funny life status for Whatsapp, facebook. Enjoy college, happy life status quotes in Hindi and English for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, and wife.

sad life status for whatsapp

Life Status for Whatsapp in English

If you are looking for life status quotes in English then enjoy our latest and new collection of life quotes to share it with friends or networks.

Life is like a journey, for some happy and for some sad journey.
My life is going fine without you.
Time is important, don’t waste on waste people.
Thanks are nothing but a way of avoiding someone's effort.
Life will not complete without a true partner.
Life is like a question, heaven if you will solve it otherwise, hell for you.
Lost time and lost life can’t be found again.
Life is not a problem to be left, it is a problem to be faced.
Life will not surprise you with gifts but shock you with hurdles.
Live life like a tension free bird.

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Life Status for Whatsapp in Hindi

If you are looking for the Zindagi or life status for Whatsapp, then enjoy Hindi life status that we have here for you.

जीवन में दोस्त बनो, पर सीक्रेट मत बताओ। 
जीवन में सफल होना है तो हार और जीत को भूल के सिर्फ लक्ष्य पर ध्यान दो।  
एक दिन मेरी जिंदगी ने हँस के पूछा, जान दे दूँगा कहते हो?ना जान देते हो और ना जाने  देते हो।   
दुखी मन मेरे मान ले कहना, टूटे हुए दिल को सवाँर लेना,फिर किसी और को मौका नहीं देना। 
जिंदगी में एक सबक ऐसा सीखा,टूटे हुए दिल को जोडना सीखा,फिर उसी दिल को किसी के लिए धरकता देखा,आखिर में फिर टूटे हुए दिल को जोडना सीखा। 
आसान नहीं थी जिंदगी हमारे लिए, कई बार रिश्तों को बटोरने के लिए खुद को बिखरते देखा है। 
रिश्ता टुटा हमारा, इसलिए नहीं की प्यार नहीं था,पर इसलिए की घमंड का नशा था । 
जिंदगी भी अजीब है, हम हँसते हैं गम छुपाने के लिए,कमबख्त लोग कहते हैं, ऐसे आदमी को गम नहीं हो सकता।  
बात तो बस निभाने की है, वरना शादी के बाद भी प्यार नहीं होता। 
सेल्फी को अपना जीवन समझ बैठे थे,क्या पता था जीवन दो पल का है।   

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Enjoy life status for Whatsapp

If you are enjoying your life, then just share it with your friends to motivate them to enjoy their life too.

Life is like a festival, enjoy and celebrate every moment of its.
I am enjoying my life because now love is not my priority.
I took the wrong turn but fortunately it became enjoying a moment for my life.
I love music, and enjoy life as a musician.
I am enjoying my life because I worked on 10% of good things, and made rest 90% of good things by my own.
People hesitate to work hard, I hesitate to work less.
I openly said goodbye to life, life rewarded me with a new baby as hello.
Probably I don’t have a perfect life but I have cool and perfect moments in my life.
I am happy in my life because I never laid down to let nature run over me.
Trust me, life is awesome. Just try to see in a positive attitude.

Sad life status for Whatsapp

If you are not happy with life or your life is full of sadness then enjoy our new sad life status.

I don’t want to say but I don’t like my life anymore.
You were my life but you have gone away.
A lie is all around in relations, it’s rubbish truth of the life.
I have noticed, happy moments are few and shorter in life.
Life is the best gift by the god but death is the saddest gift by the god.
I wish I could live and die at my wish.
I am alive because I am strong enough to pretend happily.
I worked hard but I lost to smart and shortcut seekers.
I lied, and it saved my present but ruined my future.
Wrinkles on my face don’t show my aging, it shows my failures.
One can measure your life when you will take last breath.
Do whatever you wish to? But never waste time on thinking about the past.

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Happy life status for Whatsapp

If you are looking for happy life quotes for Whatsapp or facebook then enjoy our quality collection of messages.

You are happy because you have a carry wife.
Congrats, you are happy because you have got a happy and cheerful family.
Helping others in their work will give you more sense of happiness.
Have more friends than enemies, have more smiles than tears.
I won’t mind exchanging bad time with someone's happy moments.
Don’t jealous about what others have, just happy at least you have something to compare.
If you want to be seen beautiful, then just be happy and keep smiling.
If you have a happy soul, then you will get a happy mind and life.
People have the courage to talk, but I have the courage to smile and happy.
I am happy what god gave me, I have seen many who is not having things that I do.

Love life status for Whatsapp

If you are looking for life status for love, then we have few, but best collection of quotes for you to use or share.

It’s a fact, love your life and life will love back in return.
Your life is not about to scarifies for love, instead, it is about to enjoy life with love.
Lovely life – success will hug you and family, failed life – failure will slap you and your near one badly.
Love life is short for most of the couples because they are immature short tempered couples.
Life is incomplete if you are not having a family, friends, and love.
Lovely life can’t be possible without a lovely wife.
Though you lost your loving partner, it does not that nothing best left in your lovely life.
I can’t forget those lovely days and night together, but I can forget you for betraying me forever.
Enjoy your love life because there is no rewind button in a life.
Oh come on, its just a bad day, you have a lovely life ahead.


We have just covered sad, happy, love life status for Whatsapp in Hindi and English. Hopefully, you must have enjoyed it, if you have a creative mind to share something then we welcome you guys to contribute to our Whatsapp status.

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