Thursday 22 September 2016

Sick status for Whatsapp, feeling sick quotes, facebook messages

Enjoy best, unique, short and popular sick status for Whatsapp, facebook messages. Get latest, cute, cool, funny, witty, and hot home sick status for Whatsapp in Hindi, English. Only new and short sick status quotes for you.

Sick status for Whatsapp

If you want to share home sick status for Whatsapp, facebook then enjoys our best collection of sick status. Now a day's, instead of calling or messaging your friends or colleagues, you can share the best of sick status, quotes on social sites.

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I fall sick when I think life without you.
Felt, you are sick, I think you are sad.
I feel sick when I see my office and home work together.
Sick of being so kind though you want to hit hard.
I am tired of being sick.
I am happy after getting out of the sick relationship.
I am sick of being seen fat, help me in losing weight.
I don’t like being sick in a vacation time.
I don’t want face tomorrow better I will fall sick.
I am sick of shouldering people though I am packed with a problem.
sick means “your body want to rest”.
It’s home sickness rather than body sickness.
Want to live healthily? forget about body sickness.
Lossing weight is not good when you are sick.
Want to lose weight? fall sick
The body wants rest otherwise, you will fall sick.
The best way to get off, fall sick.
Girls want a macho man, not a sick man.
You got hit by hate disease, just get well soon dear.

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Home Sick status for Whatsapp in Hindi

If you are looking to share Hindi sick status for Whatsapp, facebook then we have a short and latest collection for you to share. Sometimes people used to use sickness to get the attention. If you are attention seekers like them then we a cute collection of sick quotes in Hindi.

healthy रहना है तो हेल्थी सोचो। 
बीमार  परना भी शरीर के life साइकिल का हिस्सा है। 
नफरत  करना भी बीमारी है, कृपया जल्दी स्वस्थ हो जाएं। 
प्यार भी एक रोग है, बच गए तो अच्छे वरना फँस जाओगे बच्चे। 
प्यार और खुजली छुपाये नहीं छुपती है। 
Single रहना ज्यादा अच्छा है बजाए इसके की बीमार रिलेशनशिप हो। 
लाइलाज़ बीमारी " जूठ बोलना" । 
बीमार होना मतलब body को रेस्ट चाहिए। 
प्यार दिमाग से करो ना की दिल से, वरना कहलाओगे रोगी दिल के। 
खाली बैठना भी एक बीमारी है, जिसे कामचोरी कहते हैं। 

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