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Best Sad Status For Whatsapp, Sad Quotes, Facebook messages

Enjoy cool, cute, best sad status for Whatsapp in English, Hindi. Get hurt, sad status for Whatsapp, facebook, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife. Only new sad status quotes or messages.

Sad Status for Whatsapp in English

If you are looking for best, cute sad status for Whatsapp in English, then we have a good collection for you guys. Enjoy and share it with your friends.

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It’s we who failed in love, love always pass.
Love is heaven for those who fell with right person, Hell for those who went with the wrong person.
You hurt me when you say “ Goodbye”.
My smile has hidden sorrow of love.
You have time for everyone, but not for me.
People laugh at my jokes, but they don’t know it's my real story.
I got hurt when I saw you with someone, Now you got hurt because I am with someone.
You hurt me always, I smile for you always.
Not easy to forget you, but it is quite easy to forgive you.
The saddest part of the love, when you will see your love is loving someone else.

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Best sad status for Whatsapp

If you are looking for short and best sad status quotes for Whatsapp, facebook, then enjoy your ride and get the best of quotes on sadness.

I became a magician, I am hurt but still smiling.
I learnt the magic of hiding, see I am smiling and frustration is hidden.
I left her, can’t go back. Now she is happy in someone else arm.
I believed in your truth, see your truth has many lies.
Love is like drugs, life will become beautiful when you have it. Life will become hell when you leave it.
You don’t care that I know, you will not have cared that I know.
I was not perfect for you, but I was made for you.
We are in hates, though we were in love.
It's really hurting, when I said let's break up and you said no problem.
I hate you because you love someone else.
Love is a passion but marriage is tension.

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Sad Status for Whatsapp after breakup

If you are looking for sad quotes after a breakup then we are with you. Don’t feel left alone, just share your feelings with the world and probably your partner will also see this.

Since I lost you, I lost interest in my life.
You left me but my bad time is not leaving me.
I was fearless when we were together, now I am fierce with your presence.
I hid my tears to let you happy.
Trouble starts when you see your life as a hell.
I hate love stories since I have been cheated.
Everyone feeling sad for me, but I am still mad for you.
Bad time went pass, now look for a good time.
I have many friends to share my thoughts yar but why I had chosen you yaar.
I think you just hate love, otherwise we were perfect for eachother.

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Sad Whatsapp status in Hindi

In case, you are looking for sad Whatsapp status in Hindi, then enjoy our short and cool collection of sad quotes.

आप को जाने से रोकना तो चाहते हैं, आपको हमसे प्यार नहीं है, ये सोच के ही रुक जाते हैं। 
आपने हमें चाहा ही नहीं था, अगर चाहते तो किसी और को ना चाहते। 
तेरे इन्कार से ही हमें प्यार हो गया,सोच रहा हूँ, तुम्हारे इकरार का नशा कैसा होगा। 
नफरत करने की तुमने ठान तो ली है,ध्यान रहे, तुम्हारी नफरत को भी प्यार ना हो जाये। 
माना की तुम्हे प्यार करना हमारी पहली खता थी,खुश रहो, ये मेरी आखरी खता थी। 
जानते हैं इश्क़ में सब खुश नहीं रहते,फिर भी मासूम लोग इश्क़ में ही पड़ते हैं। 
प्यार से बचना हे तो दिल की नहीं दिमाग की सुनो,किसी को भूलना है तो उसकी नहीं, उसके बाप की सुनो। 
तेरा साथ न सही, तेरी यादों का साथ ही सही। 
तेरी चाहत का नशा तो देख जालिम, तेरे जाने के बाद भी मिलने का एहसास बाकी है। 
जुदाई का दर्द भी कितना अजीब होता है, साला ना खुद जाता है और ना जाने देता है। 
हमने प्यार नहीं किया होता, अगर तेरी आँखें फूटी होती या तू मोटी होती। 
प्यार ना करने के बहाने हजार हैं, नज़ारे चुराने के मायने कुछ और हैं। 

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