Saturday 17 September 2016

Party status, quotes for Whatsapp, facebook messages

Enjoy best, short and most popular Party status for Whatsapp, Facebook. Get latest, new, unique, late night party quotes for Whatsapp in Hindi and English. Only cute, hot, lovely and funny party status to share.

Party Status for Whatsapp in English

If you are looking for unique, latest and funny party quotes for Whatsapp then enjoy our cool collection and share it with your friends and network.

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Hey, dude just sleeps tight because we have a party tonight.
I am feeling like a rockstar because today I am hosting party yaar.
I don’t think party friends are good for us because daily parties will damage liver.
Can’t imagine safe driving after party, just enjoy whole night.
You can enjoy your stress but after party.
Forget today, and tomorrow, just remember to party every night.
Soft drink will give you life but hard drink will take your life.
I never want reason to party, I always want company to enjoy party.
If you are in dream world then either you are sleeping or drinking.
Imagine you are drunk and stood firm to lie that you have not drink.
Illusion is something one will like even without drinking.
I feel young after party, we should party daily.
Work hard to enjoy party harder.
You believe in love, I believe in drink.

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Party status for Whatsapp in Hindi

In case, if you are looking for Hindi party status to share it with friends or network then enjoy unique Hindi party quotes for social sites.

प्यार को भूलना है तो पीना शुरू कर दो।
होश में हैं तभी आप हो,
पीने के बाद तो आप साफ़ हो।
कुछ लोग पार्टी मजे के लिए करते हैं,
और कुछ सजा देने के लिए।
प्यार को पाने की चाह पीने के बाद ही क्यों बढ़ती है।
शादी की पार्टी है आज, अगले साल बर्बादी की पार्टी ले लेना।
1, 2, 3 और हो गई पार्टी शुरू, नाचो गाओ और मौज उड़ाओ।
आज इतनी पियूँगा की office को ही घर बनाऊंगा।
अब घर कैसे जायेंगे दोस्तों? लगता है पूरी रात पार्टी मनाएंगे दोस्तों।
गर्लफ्रेंड हो या बीवी, पार्टी के बाद अपनी भी हसीन लगती हैं।
 आज नया साल है, चलो नया साल का resolution बनाते हैं और पूरी रात पार्टी करते हैं।

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