Sunday 9 October 2016

Fake smile status for Whatsapp in Hindi, English, Smile quotes in Hindi

Enjoy short, cool, funny, fake smile status for Whatsapp in Hindi, English. Get best, cute smile status for Whatsapp, facebook, friends, girlfriends or boyfriends. Only new, unique smile status quotes or messages.

Smile status for Whatsapp in English

You want to share smiling quotes or messages with your loved one, dear one or near one? Enjoy our short, funny, witty, hilarious and inspirational smile status for Whatsapp in English. Only best laughing quotes or messages.

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Become reason for someone else smile.
Laughing is a short key of healthy life.
Smiling is a way of teasing your opponent.
Smiling face will give you the reason to smile.
Your sincerity towards happiness will give you a happy life.
You are handsome, looking ugly without smiling face.
Brave women cry at night but smile in morning.
You are heartbroken but your smile will make your opponents heartbroken.
Upset your troubles by your smiling face.
Smiling face shows you are strong enough to climb mountains.
Men and women can dress up with same attire called Smile.

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Smile status for Whatsapp in Hindi

So you are happy and would like to show your smiling reason to the world in Hindi? No problem we have a quality collection of the motivational smile status for Whatsapp in Hindi. Just share and enjoy and ask others to share it too.

आपकी हँसी काफ़ी है, आँसुओं को रोकेने के लिए |
आप की हँसी के आगे मुसीबतें भी नतमस्त होगी |
हँसी ही एक गहना है जो आदमी और औरत दोनो पर सजता है |
एक हँसी ही काफ़ी है किसी के दिल में उतरने के लिए |
मजबूत लरकियां अकेले में रोती हैं, पर सामने हँसती है |
गाइस हंसते रहो, ना जाने कब कोई फँस जाए |
गुस्सा दूरियों को बढ़ाता है, स्माइल दूरियों को कम करता है |
दुख बताना मुश्किल है, पर हँसी से छुपाना आसान है |
एक हँसी काफ़ी है आपके प्राब्लम, दुख और दर्द को कम करने के लिए |
आपकी हँसी आपकी सुंदरता को और बढ़ाता है |
साइलेन्स और स्माइल दोनो शांति की निशानी है |

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Fake smile status for Whatsapp

If you are hurt and feeling alone and still you have to smile then share our short, cute and inspiring fake smile status for Whatsapp or other social sites. Only short and motivational fake smiling quotes.

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Even a fake smile will hurt your enemies badly.
Smiling alone is better than Smiling with a fake people.
It’s easy to fool people by fake smile but it’s hard to fool with fake feelings.
A real smile, when you smile alone.
Sometimes fake laughing gives sweet pleasure in heart.
Pretend to smile, people will stop asking teasing questions.
Stay calm and strong, make a fake smile and move on.
Sometimes smiling face hide sadden heart.
It’s better to live alone rather than living with fake people.
Don’t have a reason for smile? You look beautiful with a smile.
Cry and smile sometimes come when you don’t want to.
You are hurt and still smiling? It makes people annoying.


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