Tuesday 15 November 2016

Boyfriend status for Whatsapp, facebook, Boyfriend quotes in Hindi

Enjoy best, short, cute, cool, boyfriend status for Whatsapp, Facebook, girl, wife. Get new, popular, unique, boyfriend status for Whatsapp in Hindi, English. Only top, boyfriend quotes, messages in Hindi.

Boyfriend status for Whatsapp

If you are looking for boyfriend quotes or status to share it with friends or lovers then enjoy our short and cute Boyfriend status for Whatsapp. Never, forget to share it on social sites like Facebook, twitter, Reddit and etc.

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You are my life and your love is my lifeline.
I am sorry, you never let me feel alone in bad time.
I am feeling lucky because your love is like a guard to me.
My love switched many times, your love stood behind me unconditionally.
I trusted you like anything, you betrayed me like anything.
I want to forget you but don’t let you forget me.
It was my first and last love, don’t compare it with your countless affairs.
I am lucky because of you, you are my boyfriend as a best friend.
Girls are unlucky because I got the lucky man. I love you
Want to know the reason for my smile? See the mirror and know the reason.
I fell in love with you by chance, would like to grow together by choice.
I will smile and cry with you, can’t live without you. I love you
You are a magician, hearing your name makes me smile.

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Boyfriend status for Whatsapp in Hindi

In case, you are looking for Boyfriend status for Whatsapp in Hindi then enjoy our latest, unique and short boyfriend quotes in Hindi. Impress or let your boyfriend feel jealous and don’t forget to share it because sharing is caring.

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आपके प्यार को पाने की चाह थी, अब आपको भूलने की चाह है |
प्यार की ताकत देखो, आपका नाम सुनते ही गम भूल जाते हैं |
आपके प्यार पर भरोसा है, पर जमाने से डर लगता हैं |
प्यार मौसम की तरह बदलता है, सच्चा प्यार मौसम को भी बदलता है |
प्यार सोच समझ के नहीं होता, सोचा समझा प्यार नहीं होता |
हमारे प्यार को आपने कमजोर समझा, अफ़सोस है की आपने प्यार को ही ना समझा |
प्यार में मतभेद होगा तो चलेगा, प्यार में मनभेद होगा तो नहीं चलेगा |
प्यार लॉटरी का प्राइज़ है, जीते तो प्यार सफल नहीं तो बर्बाद होगा |
ह्म ग़लत थे, ऐसा लोग कहते थे, शायद लोग सही कहते थे |
आप प्यार fashion से करते थे, हम आपको प्यार passion से करते थे |
आजकल जिंदगी भी कुछ अजीब दिखती है, साथ हो आप फिर भी सपनों सी दिखती है |
प्यार आपसे ग़लती करवाएगा, सच्चा प्यार उसी ग़लती को छुपाएगा |

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