Monday 7 November 2016

Creative status for Whatsapp, facebook, Creative quotes in Hindi

Enjoy best, short, cute, funny, creative status for Whatsapp, Facebook, girl, boy. Get new, unique creative status for Whatsapp in Hindi, English. Only latest creative quotes, sayings, messages in Hindi, English.

Creative status for Whatsapp

If you have a creative mind or you think differently than normal people then share our short, cute and funny creative quotes in English with your friends on social sites.

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Enjoy living by what you get, decorate your future by what you think.
Nothing is impossible for me, I can make things possible.
Earth is an artistic creation of God, Earth has ‘art’ between E and H.
Dreams are the creative thinking of the sleeping mind.
Peoples are creative in their dreams, failed to implement in real.
Tough decisions will not last until tough people takes it.
For you glass is empty, for me, the glass is filled with air.
People who hate T.v spends more time on the Internet.
You can’t be the same as you were in childhood.
Lovers are creative at the start, fails to persist at the end.
Rabbit is active,the tortoise is creative, and we know that creative people always win.
Creative people never loses temper, they have ways to face the problem.
Quantity is important to successful people, quality matters to creative people.
Creative minds never short of best ideas.

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Creative status for Whatsapp in Hindi

In case, you wish to share creative quotes in Hindi then enjoy our best, popular and unique creative status for Whatsapp in Hindi.

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भगवान कितने क्रियेटिव हैं, मुझे देख कर तो लगता है |
जो क्रियेटिव दिमाग़ वाले होते हैं, वो कभी नहीं हार मानते हैं |
सफल आदमी असफलता को भी शान से गले लगाते हैं, इसलिए तो क्रियेटिव कहलाते हैं |
अपने दुश्मनों को तकलीफ़ देना है तो हमेशा हँसते रहो |
असफ़ल इंसान समझने के लिए नहीं सुनता, बल्कि बोलने के लिए सुनता है |
नया पाने की चाह में पुराना गवाँ देने में क्या समझदारी है ?
आदमी ने आग खोजा था, औरत ने आग से खेलने का तरीका खोजा था |
आदमी बोले तो सलाह कहलाती है, औरत बोले तो चुगली कहलाती है |
हर कोई अमीर बन्ना चाहता है, हर किसी की जिंदगी ऐसा नहीं चाहती है |
किसी का पहला प्यार बनने से अच्छा है किसी का आख़री प्यार बनो |
परेशानी तभी तक होती है जब तक हम उससे लड़ते नहीं |
सफल इंसान मुश्किल में मैं ही क्यूँ नहीं बल्कि मुझे ही चुनो कहता है |

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