Thursday 17 November 2016

Family status for Whatsapp, Family quotes in Hindi, Facebook

Enjoy cute, short, missing, family status for Whatsapp in Hindi, English. Get top, popular, happy, family status for Whatsapp, facebook. Only new, unique, family quotes, messages in Hindi, English.

We can fight, hate, miss, love or stop talking with family but can’t live without them. So never be on losing side with your ego, just sacrifices it for Parivaar.

Missing family status for Whatsapp

If you are missing your happy family then share our short status or quotes with them. It will motivate you or them to meet and live together as a Happy Parivaar. Enjoy sharing our short but effectively unique Parivar quotes with your friends and relatives.

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Family is a whirlpool to sink problems.
I respect others family but worship my family.
We fight and will fight every time but live together for a lifetime. Happy family
Love and life flourish in a family.
Caring, loving, protective and optimistic are the synonyms of the family.
Want peace? Respect people of other’s family.
People who destroy the world for sure not love their small world (family).
For some family is nothing, for some family is everything.
As an individual, you will not get everything but as a family, you will enjoy everything.
You will not sacrifices your love for anyone but sacrifices your life for a family.
Best gift by the god is “Family”.
You can add a member to a family without reason but can’t be left any member by giving any reason.

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Family status for Whatsapp in Hindi

In case, you want family status for Whatsapp in Hindi then enjoys our best, cute, lovely collection of it too. Nothing is important than blood relation so keep loving your near and loved one.

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कल और आने वाले पल को जोर्ने वाले ब्रीज को परिवार कहते हैं |
मैं माँ से लड़ता - झगरता हूँ, पर माँ का प्यार भी सबसे ज़्यादा पाता हूँ |
परिवार साथ रहने से नहीं, साथ जीने से बनता है |
परिवार और गाना एक सा है, कभी उँचा तो कभी नीचा सुर होता है, फिर भी दिल को छू जाता है |
बेस्ट बेटा, बेस्ट पति, बेस्ट पापा मेरी फॅमिली में हीं है |
परिवार का प्यार और बुब्बल गम दोनों ही ख़त्म नहीं होते |
सफ़ल आदमी के पीछे सफ़ल परिवार होता है |
जो पेसे को परिवार समझते हैं, वो परिवार का सुख कहाँ पाते हैं |
फ्रेंड और फॅमिली अच्छी हो तो लाइफ सेट वरना अपसेट रहती है |
छोटा भाई या छोटी बहन साथ हो तो परेशान करते हैं, दूर रहे तो परेशान रहते हैं |
परिवार नाम है एकता का और सब जानते हैं एकता में बल होता है |
चाह के भी जिनका बुरा नहीं सोच सकते वो परिवार के लोग होते हैं |

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