Wednesday 28 December 2016

Tired status for Whatsapp, Just,So Tired quotes for Facebook

Enjoy short, cute, hurt, feeling tired status for Whatsapp, facebook, girl, boy, and friends. Get being, I am, so tired quotes for facebook in Hindi, English.

Tired status for Whatsapp

If you really hurt or would like to give up then share our tired status for Whatsapp. We have short, hurt, I am, so, just tired quotes for facebook in Hindi and English. If you will like our status or quotes then give us a like on facebook. Which we feel is the ultimate reward for our work.

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Feeling tired in a relation, still, have to live with it.
I am so tired of giving justification for your wrong doings.
I forget to live, now I live to survive.
How silly I am, waiting for you though I will get nothing.
I will not stop of being tired, I will stop when I am done.
Want to upset life? Then keep smiling.
It’s ok because it’s my fault being in love with you.
Thinking of you making me tired, just come back or let me cry.
I always smiled when you hurt me, I hurt you once and you left me forever.
Sometimes I think of tired faces which give me laughing moments.
Why girls have to prove their love? Though guys are not buying it.
You will be tired of hurting me, I will not tired of loving you.
A tired mind has many ideas, still, forget not to forget ideas.
Loving someone from the heart will never exhaust you.
I never lied to anybody but lying for somebody.
Sin is not what you did, sin is no repent for it.

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Tired status for Whatsapp in Hindi

In case, you wish to convey your tired quotes in Hindi, then we have an awesome collection of tired status for Whatsapp in Hindi. Simply enjoy our work and not to forget that sharing is caring. Let your friends enjoy and share quotes and thoughts too.

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या तो मेरे महबूब से मिला दे या मेरा किस्सा तमाम कर दे, अये जिंदगी |
थक गया हूँ तुझे सफाई देते देते, नहीं हूँ में औरों जैसा कह जाता हूँ जाते जाते |
जोश के साथ आगे बढ़ रहे थे, जब तक तुझसा मील का पथर ना मिला |
थक गये हैं तेरा इंतेजार करते करते, या तो तू आएगी या मेरी मौत आयगी |
ना तुम आए, ना तुम्हारी खबर आई, थक गया हूँ दिल को बहलाते बहलाते |
थके थके से लगते हो, शरीर से बीमार हो या दिल से बीमार हो |
मंज़िल की चाह में बढ़ते रहते हैं, जब मंज़िल हो नज़दीक तो थके से लगते हैं |
एक माँ ही है जो कभी नहीं थकती |
नींद का मज़ा तो बचपन में लेते थे, अब तो नींद थकान में लेते हैं |
माँ ममता देते नहीं थकती, बाप मारते नहीं थकता |
वो दिन भी और थे जब हम खेलते नहीं थकते, अब तो खिलाते ही थक जाते हैं |
दूसरों को समझाने से अच्छा है खुद को समझाना |
नाकाम मोहब्बत का फसाना देखो, पहले आपके प्यार में रोते थे, अब आपकी याद में रोते हैं |

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