Monday 30 May 2016

Best Exam Status For Whatsapp, Short Exam Quotes

Get best, cool, funny exam status for Whatsapp & Facebook. Enjoy latest or new funny exam quotes for students in Hindi & English.

funny, best exam status for whatsapp

Best exam status for Whatsapp in English

Students never enjoy exam times, because most of them are uncertain about the results. To share your exam phobia, you can use exam status to convey your actual status.

I always passed every exam but failed love exam.
I took life as a exam, got failed when took short cuts.
As students, we have grown up, but maths is still an idiot, We are still helping it to solve the problem.
I passed school exams because of paid friends. They helped in a passing exam, and I helped them in paying exam fees.
I don’t want my child to give exams like me, passing exam via cheating.
Key to Success in exams – Study hard or change the cheating techniques.
Take studies seriously or exam reports will force parents to take serious action.
Failed in unit tests? Just calm down and prepare for final exam.
Exams and love are similar, smiling face means clear otherwise got failed.
Why I failed easily? But hardly get through exams.
Trust your knowledge, but don’t test it in exam time.
The exam is a way of crossing one hurdle to reach to next hurdle.

Exam status for Whatsapp in Hindi

If you are looking for Hindi exam status quotes or messages then this section belongs to you. Share what and how you feel about the exam and its results.

पढाई तो की नहीं, फिर कैसे होगा बेटा पास?
कर कोई जुगार नहीं तो होगा फ़ैल होने का एहसास।
परिक्षा के टाइम पर नींद आती है,
रिजल्ट का सोच कर नींद उर जाती है।
साल तो था अपने पास पढ़ने के लिए, फिर भी की बकवास,
अब फेल होने की नौबत आई तो टीचर से हे आस।
exam के time पर नींद की गोली खाते हैं,
साला फिर भी सोे नहीं पाते हैं।
पापा ने कहा बेटा अच्छे नंबर ही लाना,
कौन बताये उनको पढाई से अपना नाता नहीं,
और अच्छा नंबर हमको कभी आता नहीं।
साल भर टीचर वर्क करो चिल्लाती है,
जब परिक्षा में करो तो उसे चीटिंग बताती है।
टीचर ने हमें important questions की सौगात दी,
उसे भी पढ़ने की अपनी औकात नहीं।
प्यार में फ़ैल हुए तो दूसरी मिल जाएगी,
साला परीक्षा में फेल  हो गए तो ढुलाई हो जाएगी।
परीक्षा की क्या बात करूँ? ये एक तकलीफ हे जिसे हम हर साल गुजरते हैं।
टीचर जी इतना भी कठिन पेपर ना बनाओ,
की उत्तर देने बैठों तो खुद ही फेल हो जाओ।  
टीचर भी कमाल करती है,
बड़ो को उल्टा जवाब नहीं देना सिखाती है,
बाद में खुद ही फेल भी कर देती है।

Funny Exam Status for Whatsapp

Sometimes students want to share funny status even in a serious time. For such kids, we have listed some funny exam status for Whatsapp or facebook.

Exam and life are for once, work hard to clear in once.
I want to study for myself and not for exams.
I don’t want any relationship because I am already occupied by studies.
Sorry, I am single, already in a relationship with studies.
More I study, more I got confused in exam days.
I ignored maths and science, they ignored me to go, next class.
I saw many apps for studies but never saw apps for exams.
We don’t understand easy studies but understand girls complicated nature.
I don’t like the taste of maths, but enjoy the taste of alcohols.
A night before exams is like nightmares.
I don’t know why student write fast in last 5 minutes?


We have just covered best, funny exam status for Whatsapp and Facebook in Hindi & English. Hopefully, it will amuse you and certainly will let you come back to check another Whatsapp status.

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