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Whatsapp Status For Daughter And Mother

Best Whatsapp status for daughter and mother, daughter and father & daughter birthday in Hindi and English. Enjoy our latest, new collection of daughter status for facebook or Whatsapp messages.

Whatsapp status for daughter and mother, father

Whatsapp status for daughter birthday

Daughters are like god gifts to parents. When it’s time to celebrate the birthday of their angel then they do it in grand style. If you are looking for the best Whatsapp status for daughter birthday then we have a quality collection for you.

Having daughters in life is like fulfilling of a sweet dream of the life. Happy birthday my angel.
You a wonderful soul, and such people deserves a wonderful life. We wish you happy birthday dear.
A warm greeting to my rising star, who shine my world with sweet glittered smiling. Happy birthday, honey.
You made us proud parents, happy birthday from mom and dad to their little angel.
You became mature in your teenage, helped us in all shades of life. Enjoy your best moments of the life. Happy birthday, girl.
For others, you are grown up and well-settled woman, but for me you are still a little girl. Have awesome birthday celebration.
God, please bless my sweet angel with good things in her life. Happy birthday wishes for you, my little child.
Days and years are passing but my daughter natures are not changing. Dear angel, Celebrate your birthday with friends.
I would like to wish a happy birthday to my only princess.
As parents, we are proud to have you as a daughter, and as a friend we got the best friend in daughter. Happy birthday, kid.
I asked god for lovely a son but gifted me with a caring and lovely daughter.
Today you crossed teenage, never forget to hold your limit. I love you and wish you happy birthday.

Whatsapp status for daughter and mother

For mothers daughters are like a sweet doll, she shares a bad or good moment with her angel. Being a mother you can smile your daughter by having quality status.

I believe god gives special attention to me, otherwise, I could not be blessed with a loving and caring daughter. My daughter is not a baby for me, she is like a best friend for me.
I love you from my heart because you were like a blessing from the start.
No matters how far you will live, but you always stay in my heart.
On a special occasion you born, on a special occasion, you married, Now on a special occasion you will become a mother too.
I thought my mother was harsh like Hitler, now I know she was protecting me from bad habits.
Mother and daughters are like the best buddy, they like to fight but can’t tolerate other fighting them.
I and my daughter love each other because we share secrets and care to hide those secrets.
People jealous of my daughter's beauty and her success, but I am a proud mother of a successful girl.
I never felt special as a daughter, but I am letting her feel my special daughter.
Having daughter will give you company even in your dreams.
My mom is my super hero, no matters she failed many times.
My daughter never hides anything from me, now she is hiding her love from me.
Daughters are like eraser who will help you to erase bad memories.
Sometimes I yawn and call ohh mom.
My daughter is the only treasure of my life, she is going strong in her life.

Whatsapp Status For Daughter and Father

Father are like a protector of their daughters. In fact, for daughters they are like a real superhero who will act fast on her wish. Enjoy our latest new collection of daughter status quotes.

Father only feel relaxed when he will see his daughter settled in a life.
I am lucky that my daughter has become my second mother in my old time.
Daughters always feel protected in her father presence.
Son sees his father as a role model, but daughter sees her father as a real hero.
I miss my father just because I am unsafe in this world.
Daughter loves her father because she knew he is the only male who will never hurt her.
I am a princess because my father is a king.
Son always empty father's pocket but daughters always fills father's stomach.
Son enjoys when a father takes him for fishing, daughter enjoys when a father takes her for shopping.
A girl and father are the best buddy for now and ever.
Dads are ordinary men but they turned real hero for his daughter.
I am a girl, but still I am my father's rock star.
My father told my mom, he sees a best friend in me.
I am successful women because I was backed by my father.
People saw many reel hero's but they have not met my real hero.

Whatsapp Status for daughter in Hindi

If you are Indian parents and looking for Hindi daughter Whatsapp status for your daughter then we have a new and popular collection of quotes for you.

पापा की हूँ मैं दुनिया सारी,
क्या जानु मैं दुनिया दारी,
जानु तो बस इतना जानु,
पापा हैं सब पर भारी। 
 लोग कहते हैं असली हीरो कहाँ होते हैं,
मेरे पापा से क्यूँ नहीं मिलते हैं। 
बेटे को पापा की भारी जेब दिखती है,
पर बेटियों को पापा का खाली पेट दिखता है।
 मैँ राजकुमारी हूँ, इसलिए नहीं की मेरा पति राजकुमार है, पर इसलिए की मेरे पापा राजा है। 
दुनिया का  माहौल बिगड़ गया है, पर मुझे क्या?
मेरे ऊपर तो मेरे पापा का साया है। 
लडकी का बाप होना आसान है,
पर बाप होने की जिम्मेदारी निभाना मुश्किल है।
 जब भी हाफी आती है, माँ की आवाज़ भी साथ आती है। 
मैं बहुत खुशनसीब हूँ, क्यूँकि बुढ़ापे में, मैं अपने पापा की माँ हूँ । 
पापा के रहते ना बिगाड़ पाया कुछ हमारा जमाना,
पर उनके जाते ही दुश्मन हुआ जमाना। 
बेटों के लिए पापा तो रोले मॉडल होते हैं,
पर बेटियों के लिए रियल हीरो होते हैं।  


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