Saturday 28 May 2016

Best Selfie Status For Whatsapp, Selfie Quotes

Funny, short Selfie status for Whatsapp & facebook. Get new, latest short selfie quotes for him & her in Hindi and English.

We have seen people taking selfies for fun. Now a day's it is a good way of letting your friends or opponents feel jealous via selfie status as well. Enjoy our latest, and best collection of selfies.

Selfie Status for Whatsapp in English

So you are looking for the selfie status? Don’t worry we have a new, funny and cool status of selfie for you.
Selfie each day will keep your jealous friends away.

Selfie is a silly way of showing intelligence.
Let’s exchange selfie, will exchange hearts later.
I will marry you if you will look pretty in a selfie.
Hate me, if you think I am the only reason for your problem.
I am the boy, whom you should marry.
Men don’t like selfies, Hello I am talking about real men.
Smiling boys look joker, smiling girls looks princess.
Weak women ruled by men, strong women rule the world.
I will stay with you forever.
Silly girls won’t mind boyfriend having affairs.
Never marry intelligent women.
This is my third marriage but excited like first.
I enjoyed with my first three hubbies, Though they divorced me.
Girls avoid seeing my selfie, else you will leave your boyfriends.
Like me on facebook, otherwise, I will block you.
You are my hero.
You are my princess.
I love you as my life.

Selfie Status for Whatsapp in Hindi

Selfies are now a common way of showing your beauty, looks or intelligence. If you want in Hindi then we have it for you guys in Hindi as well. Enjoy our best, and uniquely popular selfie status in Hindi for Whatsapp and facebook.

आपका कोई नहीं है? सेल्फी है ना आपका।
क़ानून के नहीं, सेल्फी लेने वालों के हाँथ लम्बे होते हैं।
सेल्फी लेना भी अकेलेपन की एक निशानी है ।
सेल्फी तो यूँ निकाल लूँ, सही पोज़ का ही प्रॉब्लम है।
भगवन ने आँखें दी हे तो मेरी सेल्फी देखो।
 मत देखो मेरी सेल्फी, भूल जाओगे अपने बॉयफ्रेंड की सेल्फी।
बेस्ट सेल्फी ट्रिक - हँसो और सेल्फी ले लो।
लरके हँसते हैं तो बन्दर लगते हैं, लडकियाँ हंसती हैं तो सुन्दर लगती हैं।
वैज्ञानिकों ने नया तर ढूँढा, सब मुझे क्यों देख रहे हैं?
सेल्फी राइट से लो, अगर लेफ्ट से  अच्छी नहीं आती।
सेल्फी तो बहन हे, असल  में किसी को जलना है।
चेहरा तो खूबसूरत है, पैर सेल्फी में क्यों आता बदसूरत है।
बहुत हो गयी सेल्फी से दुरी, अब सेल्फी लेना हे जरुरी।


We have just seen selfie status for Whatsapp and Facebook in Hindi and English. Enjoy and live your moments with frequently changing unique and latest selfie status quotes.

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