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Brother Status for Whatspp, Short Brother Quotes

Short, funny, latest Brother status for Whatsapp, Facebook. Enjoy top, popular and cool brother quotes in Hindi & English.

brother status for Whatsapp, facebook

Best Brother status for Whatsapp in English

So you are looking for best brother quotes for Facebook or Whatsapp? Your search ends here. We have a very good collection of unique status for a brother.

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If I would be asked to pick a best friend, then I will pick my brother.
A brother for a life is heaven, brother of a wife is hell.
My brother has eraser which can erase hurting memories.
God asked me what you want? I said give healthy and wealthy life to my brother.
I fought with my brother for a life, now missing him after his life.
My love towards my brother changed from love to hate, but he always remained unchanged.
If you want a true guide then ask your brother to guide to the goal.
I repent not because I misbehaved with you Because you stood strong against bad evils.
We messed with each other many times, but nobody had dared to mess with us.
People said I lost my father, they are wrong because my brother is still there.
Beware, boys, a  princess has been guarded by big brothers.

Brother Status For Whatsapp in Hindi

For our Hindi lovers, we have brother quotes in Hindi. If you want to impress your brother then try with unique and funny brother status.

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फूलों का तारों का सबका कहना है, लाखों करोड़ो में, मेरा भाई है।
मेरे भाई जैसा भाई कोई ना होगा, रक्षाबंधन में भी हमसे ही गिफ्ट माँगेगा। 
   रील लाइफ के हीरो बहुत देखें होंगे, पर रियल लाइफ का हीरो मेरे भाई जैसे ही होंगें।
  आपका भाई नहीं है? एक त्यौहार तो आप जरूर मिस करते होंगे? रक्षाबंधन का। 
एक भाई के लिए रक्षाबंधन का त्यौहार बेमानी है,
जब बहन होते हुए भी कलाई खाली हो। 
भाई ने मुझसे पुछा क्या चाहिए बहना?
मेने कहा, हर जन्म मेरे भाई ही रहना। 
भाई और बहन एक चेहरे की दो आँखों जैसी है। 
ख़बरदार ऐ दुनियाँ वालों, मेरे भाई की दुआएँ मेरे साथ है।
लड़ती हूँ, झगडती हूँ, पर अपने भाई के बिना रह पाती हूँ ।    
माँ बाप से तो बचाते थे भईया,
ससुराल वालों से भी बचा लो भईया,
आ जाओ भईया, वरना नहीं बचेगी तुम्हारी गुड़िया।

Sister and Brother status for Whatsapp

This section is for both sister and brother. You can use the same messages on Whatsapp or Facebook. Enjoy your visit to your own favorite website.

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I and my brother are best friends forever.
My brother is the best gift my parents gave me.
I am feeling protected when my brother is around.
I have gone through a bad time in my life, but my brother always stood behind me to let that bad time pass.
I like batman, iron man, and he-man, but I love my brother because he is a superman.
I influenced by the films from my childhood. Because films were about my brother.
I am one of the lucky girls who have the brother as a best friend .
You are my brother by chance, but you are my best friend by choice.
You can have best friends, but can’t have for life. I have my brother who is best as a friend.
I have a best friend for life because I have a best brother in life.

Missing Brother status for Whatsapp

It is very sad you are missing your brother. Don’t worry you can convey your feelings to your dear brother by using latest missing brother status.

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I heard you will miss dear one when they are gone, Now I am missing my brother.
Brother, you protected me from bad people, now left unprotected for your wife.
I heard elder brothers are like father, yes indeed it is true, today I lost my second father.
Though you never loved me, still I miss you, my big brother.
You got married, and I lost my best friend.
I still remember how close we as brothers, the difference can be seen after your marriage.
Who says I am jealous of your success? I am jealous of not being part of your success.
Your sweet memories are still in my heart, I love you brother. Please come back soon.
I am missing what I lived with you, my little brother.
Missing you because I will never get you back brother. God, please return my brother back.


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