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Wedding Anniversary Status For Whatsapp, Marriage Quotes

Enjoy love, happy wedding anniversary status for Whatsapp, Facebook. Get first,second and much more marriage anniversary status quotes in Hindi & English.

Anniversary status for Whatsapp, facebook

Happy anniversary status for Whatsapp in English

Enjoy your happy moments with your life partner. If you are looking for happy wedding status, it means you are happy enough to smile. Get cool and latest anniversary status quotes.

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Happy life means you got a cute wife.
We exchanged free wishes followed by one side bill payment.
My love is like infinity, you can’t describe it but can feel it.
Successful marriage life means love, respect, and no communication gap.
God knows how much I love you? One day you will realize.
Today I will celebrate a wedding anniversary with my best friend, who is my wife by choice.
Happy couples will talk and understand each other feelings without saying a word.
Wishing you a long journey with your wife, happy anniversary dear.
Successful married couples are not following success stories, they are making their own stories.
Love happened in seconds, go stronger with time and last for the life.
Building love life is in progress, it will only end with our lives.

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Anniversary status for Whatsapp in Hindi

This section is for Hindi Whatsapp status lovers If you are celebrating your anniversary whether love or marriage can enjoy our Hindi collection of shadi or pyaar Whatsapp status.

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टूटे ना जोड़ी हमारी और तुम्हारी, चाहे रहे दुश्मन दुनिया हमारी।
जाने क्यों लोग शादी करते हैं? साल भर झगडते हैं,
फिर भी annivarsary धूम धाम से  मनाते हैं।
शादी जन्म जन्म का बंधन है,
जो हर जन्म में हमें जोड़े रखता है,
Happy Marriage Anniversary.
आज का दिन कुछ खास है,अपनी पत्नी को खुश करने की आस है,
लाया तो बहुत कुछ हूँ, फिर भी उसको गिफ्टों की लगी प्यास है।
आज भी अपनी बीवी की आँखों से डरते हैं,
साल में एक दिन तो उसकी खिजमत में लगते हैं,
Happy wedding anniversary.
ये बात तो गलत है,
हर साल शादी की सालगिरह मनाते हैं,
पर आज भी बीवी से घबराते हैं।
शादी क्या हुई, स्वर्ग जाने  टिकट मिल गई,
क्यूँकि जीते जी जिंदगी ही नर्ग हो गई।
हमारे दोस्त शादीशुदा हो के भी बहके नज़र आतें हैं,
पर anniversary वाले दिन, सुधरे नजर आते हैं।
Happy Anniversary day.
हँसते हुए आदमी को कभी दुखी देखना है तो उसकी शादी की सालगिरह मनाते हुए देखो।
सुना था जीवन साथी फरिश्तों की तरह होता है,
आज जाना की फरिश्तों में भी खराबियां होती हैं।
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Marriage/Wedding Anniversary Status For Whatsapp

Marriage will give you either best or worst partner. If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary, it means you are loving it. To give you more sweets we have added a quality wedding status for Whatsapp.

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I want you for my life. Happy wedding anniversary to my wife.
We share every moment with love, no matter it is a good or bad moment. Enjoy wedding anniversary dear.
Beautiful heart couples deserve growing old together.
Today is our wedding anniversary, I am happy for seeing it again, but feeling sad for losing money as well.
Wedding anniversary means, we lost one year from our allotted life.
A wedding is good for loyal couples, but worst for cheating couples.
The moment I saw you, I decided to grow old with you.
People who celebrates marriage anniversary, used to pass the hurdles for a year.
Best married couple every year falls in love, with the same person.
People are lucky who gets time and money to celebrate wedding anniversary.
I lost her in accident, still we celebrate our marriage anniversary every year.
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love anniversary status for Whatsapp

Are you celebrating your love anniversary? It means you know how to grow mature with a relationship. We have a quality and unique collection of the love anniversary status for Whatsapp or facebook. Impress your partner with a cute status.

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Love is same for poor and rich, the only difference is in loyalty. Happy love anniversary dear.
Love is just an English word until you will not fall in love.
We can’t define love but can respect and celebrate love life.
Love is the only things that people don’t find boring.
Love makes two imperfect people almost perfect.
Celebrating the love anniversary is not an easy thing, one will lose money and honey. Love is like refreshment for a life.
Love is not life, stop ending your life.
I loved you because of your sweetness, now I love you because of your cuteness.
We need to celebrate our love anniversary, probably we will overcome our problems.
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We have just covered happy marriage, wedding anniversary status for Whatsapp and Facebook. In fact, for love birds, we have written love anniversary status quotes as well in Hindi & English.

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