Wednesday 1 June 2016

Best One Line Whatsapp Status, Facebook Quotes

Enjoy, top, popular best one line Whatsapp status for Whatsapp, Facebook. Get cute, cool, sad, funny one line Whatsapp status in Hindi and English for girlfriends, boyfriends, husband or wife.

One line whatsapp status, facebook

Best One Line Whatsapp status in English

If you are looking for best one line stats for Whatsapp, then we have a very good collection of best and short quotes for Facebook and Whatsapp.

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No mistakes? Sorry boss, you are not trying.
I am failed, but I will bounce back soon.
Losers always look for shelters to hide.
Try hard to reach your goal.
Did you lose? Fine, try again maybe this time, you will win.
Can’t you beat them alone? Have some arrangement to do so.
Champions only try to win, does not matter this game or that game.
If you are not sure about your decision then take small steps.
Losers never try to compete, Winners always try to beat.
I failed because I tried to compete late.
Rules are made to be broken and changed as per wish.
I achieved what people thought of impossible to achieve.
Boys with a brain have no girlfriend, Boys with heart have only girlfriends.
Think before you speak.
God has gifted me the attitude, nobody can steal it.
Don’t convince people, have the courage to impress them.
Believe yourself first, then expect others to believe you.
Funniest truth of the life, Suggestions are easy to give, but hard to follow.
Don’t underestimate your wife choice, because you are one of them.
Stop convincing someone who is already confused.
Three magical words for success, I MADE IT.
Don’t beat your enemy physically, just beat them to cry mentally.
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funny one line Whatsapp status

If you are looking for funny, smiling, and laughing one line Whatsapp status then we have a good and unique collection.

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Don’t ignore a woman otherwise, you will be ignored by her feelings.
I pretend to smile, they pretend to laugh.
Great men become great because clever women are behind.
My love got jealous because I spoke to her sister.
A man and woman can grow old, but a woman doesn’t wants to be seen old.
Just fart on back bitters.
I under estimated my partner, he has more sense than a dog.
I am awesome, just leave, I have many.
Your lie crumbled against my truth.
Try to smile, no matters you have teeth or not.
I love parents, only when the increase my pocket money.
Sorry, you are copying my status.

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One Line Whatsapp Status in Hindi

This section will cover one line Whatsapp status in Hindi for our Hindi lovers. Simple, cute and short Hindi status.

Can read: Congratulations status for Whatsapp, Facebook.

अगर कोई इम्प्रेस नहीं होता  डिप्रेस कर दो। 
आदमी सफल तभी होता है, जब उसके पीछे चालक औरत होती है। 
जिंदगी में कुछ भी करना, पर मेरा स्टेटस कॉपी मत करना। 
तुम्हारा 100 जूठ मेरे 1 सच के आगे नहीं टिक पाएगा। 
आप नशें में थे, तभी किसी और के थे।
दूसरों की इज्जत करो, बदले में इज्जत लो। 
हँसो पर इतना भी नहीं की, बाद में बिना दांतों के हंसो। 
क्या कहा आप अमीर हैं? पर लगते मान्सिक रूप से गरीब है। 
मेरा कुत्ता और बॉयफ्रेंड दोनों ही किसी के भी आगे दुम हिलने लगते हैं। 
आपने मेहनत ही नहीं की तो सफल कैसे होगे?
सफलता का जादुई शब्द - मैने कर दिखाया।      
दुश्मनो को हराना है तो जीतना सीखो। 
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We have just covered funny one line Whatsapp status in Hindi and English. In fact, you can use one line status quotes for Facebook as well.

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