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School, College Status For Whatsapp, Facebook quotes

Enjoy last day of college status for Whatsapp. Get best, funny, popular college student status for Whatsapp & Facebook in Hindi and English for friends, him or her.

school, college status for whatsapp

College Status For Whatsapp in English

Everyone must have enjoyed college life, but they are missing now. If you are in your college life then enjoy it at full because sooner or later you will miss your college life too.

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Did you get failed in college? Don’t feel low because even bill gates, and steve jobs are college dropouts.
Dear college, I thought my school days was awesome but compete well with it.
School or college? I will prefer school because enjoying freedom in restriction is awesome.
College is a place to enjoy boring freedom, no restriction, no fear to be caught.
College gave me lots of friends who were serious about their career and concern about my life.
A survey on the phone says, 78% college students drinks and 22% were confused about what to answer?
Maximum of college students will not vote for election but they will vote for college leadership.
In school, we had a small pantry, In college we had college as a pantry.
When I joined college had no idea what I will do? As I passed the college, still I don’t know what I will do?
A college is a place where one will make or break a career.
I never enjoyed college life, until I got my love there.
I enjoyed college days very much, used to sleep in a daytime and used to party whole nights.
You are not fooled by a college, they just modified it.

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Last day of college status for Whatsapp

Finally, you are facing last day of the college, and feeling sad? Don’t worry the only college is over, you can be in touch with them even after college life. Share your feelings using our fresh collection of college student status.

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I did not realize but we were literally crying in last day.
I can’t believe, now your friend's place will be taken by your colleagues.
When I joined college I thought school life was awesome, now last day I realized the college life is an awesome plus.
The college had only one place where we will found, its a canteen.
I will miss my friends not for class but for funny moments in a canteen.
We all are hugging, greeting and crying, I can’t believe it’s all actually happening.
We realized that we will miss even those who were our opponents.
Today I am going to college for last day, this feeling is giving strong shake in a body.
It’s been 4 long years we were like a family, now it’s painful to accept family is partying.
After farewell, all of sudden everyone started crying because they realized the worth of college life.
One last time I wanted to live my college life from start to end.

College Status for Whatsapp in Hindi

Are you missing your college life? Use our new, latest college student status updates in Hindi to share it with your friends.

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स्कूल में बंदिशों के बाद भी हम आजाद रहते थे,पर आजाद कॉलेज में उन बंदिशों को याद करते हैं। 
कॉलेज हम बेमन से आते थे,आपके आने के बाद,कॉलेज बेमन जाते हैं।  
कॉलेज का प्यार भी अजीब था,साथ थे तो हम साथ साथ हैं,कॉलेज खत्म हुआ तो, हम आपके हैं कौन?
कॉलेज जॉइन करने तक नहीं मालुम था क्या करूँगा?कॉलेज छोडने के बाद भी नहीं मालूम क्या करूँगा?
मुझे लगता है, कॉलेज में बस बेवक़ूफ़ ही बना,किसी ने कहा, नहीं दोस्त, जो था वो ही निखर के आया है।
कॉलेज में सर्वे हुआ, कितने लोग ड्रिंक करते हैं,पता चला 85% करते हैं, बाकी के 15% का जवाब नहीं मिला,क्यूँकि उनका नशा नहीं उतरा था।
मस्ती के वो पल हमेशा याद आएंगे,पुराने दोस्तों  की जगह, नए दोस्त बन जाएँगे,पर आप लोगों की जगह कहाँ लें पाएंगे।
स्कूल में अध्यापकों की सख्ती थी, कॉलेज में सिर्फ मस्ती है,रिजल्ट आया तो समझ आया की वो सख्ती ही अच्छी थी।
स्कूल में लव लेटर लिखते हुए पकड़े गए थे तो टीचर की मार मिली थी,कॉलेज में पकड़े गए तो प्रोफेसर्स की मुस्कान मिलती है। 
कॉलेज तो बस बहाना था, वापस से स्कूल के के दिनों को पाना था।
एक दिन कॉलेज से हम निकाल दिए गए,क्या हुआ फिर? बिल गेट्स भी कभी कॉलेज नहीं गए थे।
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We have just covered college status for Whatsapp, facebook in Hindi and English. As we know a school or college life are memories forever, and we can share such student status with our old or new friends.

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