Thursday 2 June 2016

Best Success Status for Whatsapp, Love Success Quotes

Enjoy best success quotes, love success status for Whatsapp, Facebook. Get latest, new, funny success status quotes in Hindi & English.

success status for whatsapp, facebook

Best success status for Whatsapp in English

If you are looking to show your success status with friends or in a network, then use our unique status quotes for Whatsapp in English.

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Success can never be achieved by easy try
Saying success is easy than achieving it.
Failure and success is a two and true face of a life as a coin.
Nobody is born genius, It’s you who will let people think like this.
Success is not hard to achieve, just do the right thing at right time.
Success equals to repetitive failure and not repeating the same mistake again.
Success for you, if you are not common amongst common men.
A key to success – can fail many times, but never give up anytime.
Think only positive, it does not matter how many times you got failed, only matters what you learnt from those failures.
Many people quit on failure, who continues from there only gets success.
Problems are not big or difficult to solve, it’s we who make big out of it.
Is a job is painful? Real men will love this pain, men will simply quit finding a new job.
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success status for Whatsapp in Hindi

If you are looking for Hindi success status for Whatsapp or facebook than enjoy our unique and funny collection of the success status for Whatsapp.

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सफलता की कुँजी - अपने विश्वास पर विश्वास रखना। 
सफल आदमी शुरू से ही मेहनत करता है, असफल आदमी शुरू से ही काम चोरी करता है। 
नौसिखिया समझ के लोग दुत्कारते थे, आज सफल होने इज्ज़त से पुकारते हैं। 
जीवन को सफल बनाना है तो सफलता पाने वाले कोई काम करो। 
अगर सफल होना है तो सफलता पाने की इच्छा जगाओ। 
सफलता सोचने से नहीं आती, उसे पाने के लिए जी तोर मेहनत करनी परती है। 
असफल होने वाला आदमी किसी को सफल बनाने में काम आता है। 
सफलता की ऊंचाईं पर पहुँचाना ही नहीं होता, उस ऊंचाई पर बने रहना ही सफलता होती है। 
असफल  आदमी के दो ही दोस्त होते हैं, एक शिकायत और दूसरा हीन भावना।  
बात ये नहीं है की आप कितने बार गिरे थे,बात ये है, की आप कितने बार उठे थे। 
किसी को असफल देख कर हम खुश होते थे,आज हमारी असफलताओं के गीत गाए जाते हैं। 
गिरने के बाद भी उठना आपकी हिम्मत दिखाता है,गिरने के बाद भी ना उठना आपकी फितरत दिखता है। 

love success status for Whatsapp

so you got success in love and want to motivate your friends? No worries we have top quality love success status for Whatsapp and facebook.

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I failed many times in love, finally got my true love.
Love is a sweet pain, either it will make you or break you.
Love is like beats of music, two hearts will catch smoothly.
Your love is successful because your heart followed the same rhythm of love.
To be loved, you need to love.
Love and live with your partner, never leave your partner.
Getting success in love is not important, maintaining the love throughout the life is important.
Congrats, you got love marriage but ready for fights that will start when your love fever will down.
Loving each other is not a real success, living together is a real test of success.
Successful love story – remember your partner for only good things.
Our love got success because we want a loyal partner, what about you?
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