Thursday 2 June 2016

Being Single Status For Whatsapp, Short Single Quotes

Best, new and funny single status for Whatsapp and facebook. Get hurting single status quotes or messages in Hindi and English.

single status for Whatsapp, facebook

Being single status for Whatsapp

First, we will see, how hurting is for anyone to is seen alone or single. If you got hurt, then at least let other person know about this. Because he/she should know about your pain.

A Short story about me – people like me, but they don’t want me.
I think, being single is better than being in love.
Stop loving someone when you are lonely, love someone when you are ready.
I am single because I have seen many broken hearts.
Lonely single is better than being single in relationships.
Being single does not mean I am happy alone, it means “ I am happy for not being left alone”.
Being single does not mean, nobody likes me, it means nobody deserves me.
My heart is a lock, but still I did not find my match with the key.
I am single because my heart is locked, you have the key?
I don’t want to mingle, I am happy being single.
I am single, but loving it.
I am standing alone to prove you “I am not handicapped without your love”.
I am at home today, I will enjoy all alone.
I am still single, waiting for the best person to come.
I am single because I have some standards.

Single Status For Whatsapp in Hindi

So you want single quotes for facebook and Whatsapp in Hindi? Then you are most welcome, impress or share these quotes with your ex.

अकेला होना, किसी के साथ के अकेलेपन से तो अच्छा है। 
मैँ अकेला हूँ, और रहूँगा, जब तक आप नहीं मिल जाते। 
सच्चा प्यार आपको अकेलेपन तक ले जायेगा,जो बाद में आपका दिवालियापन कहलाएगा। 
असल जिंदगी में तू उसकी है,पर सपनों का क्या कसूर था?उसमें भी मेरी नहीं है।     
यादों को हिफ़ाजत से रखना, जब भी हम याद आएं तो, बेवफ़ा समझ के भूला देना। 
अभी तो हमारा सहारा है आपको,जाने के बाद हमारी यादों का सहारा रहेगा आपको।
उम्र भर का साथ देने वाले, आज  हमारे जनाजे को भी कंधा नहीं दे रहे हैं।  
जिन्दा थे, तब भी आपने कंधा नहीं दिया रोने के लिए,मरने के बाद भी कंधा नहीं दिया, मेरी रूह को जीने के लिए। 
आपका दिल हमें रुला के खुश होता है, झाँक के तो देखो दिल में, आपकी वजह से आँसुओं का सैलाब उमड़ा होता है। 
आपके प्यार ने हमे अपनों के बीच में भी अकेला कर दिया। 
कभी कभी दिल से पूछते हैं, पूरी दुनिया में, तुझे ये खजूर ही पसंद आया। 

funny single status for Whatsapp

This section is for funny single status quotes for our readers. You can share it on facebook or Whatsapp. Yes, one can enjoy single status as well.

I am not single, enjoying freedom.
I am single because I have not cared for any.
I had many, now I don’t have any.
I am happy to be seen alone, rather than feeling alone.
I am not single, my boyfriend lives in the future.
I am feeling lonely, not for love but for fun.
Ohh god, I am trapped in a wrong relationship, I was happy being without in any relationships.
I was single by choice, feeling alone in a relationship is by chance.
Have you boyfriend? No worries, I am single and looking for a fun buddy.
I am single though I have a solid weapon to drift holes.
I am single, it means I am available 24 hrs.
My bullet is waiting for bullet holder. Have dare? Call me.
I would like to be known as a single, who was in time-pass relationships.


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