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Best Emotional Status For Whatsapp, Short Emotional Quotes

Best emotional status for Whatsapp and Facebook. Enjoy latest, cute, cool and advance emotional status quotes for Whatsapp, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife in Hindi and English.
Emotional status for Whatsapp, Facebook.

Best Emotional Status For Whatsapp in English

We saw many people looking for the emotional Whatsapp status in English or other languages. We have a quality collection of the emotional status for Whatsapp.

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The main cause of divorce is marriage.
Your jealous made me to love you.
Accident caused by drink and drive.
Scratch my heart to see your name.
I love precious things but hate losing money.
In our life, we hate one person without any reason.
I argue you said, but its failed explanation for you.
Become successful by learning from your mistakes.
A key to lower your disappointment is start accepting rather than expecting.
Hard work is an answer to your dream questions.
You will not like your own wife and insult, will love to see other wife's and insults.
Underwear is much similar to information. You will love to have it instead of showing it.
Man can find any problems solution, except the Girl.
People call me honey, you can call me home.

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Best Emotional Whatsapp status for girlfriend

So you are looking for emotional Whatsapp status for girlfriend? Or for yourself? No worries we have a good collection of it for you people.

I don’t know why I am hurt? Did you betray emotionally or physically?

I can smile without you, it means I can live without you.
Let’s plan a perfect robbery, You steal my heart and I will steal yours.
Your name on my phone gives every reason for the smile.
No more tears, no more fears. If he does not care then why should i?
It does not matters with whom you are? Only thing matters whom you love?
I want to hurt myself, just to see you cares for me or not?
I have the patent about me. No stock is available after me.
You think i have changed, but the truth is you have changed me.
You think you know me? I think you never knew me.
Love and Tsunami are similar. The only disaster will be seen once they leave.
True lovers don’t do different things, they do things differently.

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Emotional Whatsapp status for boyfriend

Boys are toughs but they tend to become weak at times. For them, we have a good emotional Whatsapp status collection.

I am not perfect but best for your love. Say yes, I will become perfect too.

I never feared losing of life or anything, Now feared of losing you.
Let’s make two singular you and me to plural WE.
I screamed for love but you ignored.
My heart told me I am wasting time and money.
I am not addicted for chatting but addicted to whom I am chatting.
Don’t be honest in front of cheap people, they can’t afford it.
A successful man has one story to tell, but an unsuccessful man has many stories to tell.
You are the message of the god, Make it inspirational for others.
Failure is that will be felt not that will be seen.
You are poor by chance, you live poor is by choice.

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Emotional status for Whatsapp in Hindi

If you are looking for the Hindi emotional quotes for Whatsapp then again we have a cool and heart touching Hindi emotional status.

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मैने तुझे चाहा, तुझसे कुछ नहीं चाहा, तूने मुझे नहीं मेरे पैसों को चाहा।  
ज़ख्म देने वाले दवा भी देते हैं, प्यार करते नहीं बस रुला देते हैं।
अधूरे सपने आँसू बन बह रहे हैं,जो कहते थे हमारे हैं, वो ही अलविदा कह रहे हैं।
एक तो तेरी आवाज़ याद आएगी,तेरी कही हुई हर बात याद आएगी,दिन ढल जायेगा, रात याद आएगी,हर लम्हा, पहली मुलाकात याद आएगी।
आँखों की आवाज़ कुछ और होती है,आँसुओं की आग कुछ और होती है,कौन चाहता है बिछड़ना अपने प्यार से?मगर किस्मत की बात कुछ और होती है।
कितना खौफ है शाम के अँधेरों में,पूछ उन परिंदों से जिनके घर नहीं होते।
हाँथों की लकीरों पे  मत जा ए दोस्त,नसीब उनके भी होते हैं जिनके हाँथ नहीं होते।
मोहब्बत में नहीं है फ़र्क़ जीने और मरने का,उसी को देख कर जीते हैं, जिसने दुआ माँगी है मेरे मरने का।
जो दिल कभी छोटी सी बात पर भी हँस देता था, आज है हालत ऐसी की बस रोे देता है।
इस सादगी पे कौन ना मर जाए, लडते हैं पर चोट ना लग जाए इसका भी ध्यान रखते हैं।
रुकते तो सफर रह जाता, चलते तो हमसफ़र रह जाता,शुक्र है की ये बस सपना ही था, नहीं तो बाद का रोना रह जाता।

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