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Motivational Status For Whatsapp, Short Inspirational Quotes

Enjoy short, popular, best motivational status for Whatsapp & Facebook. Get nice, good, funny inspirational status quotes or messages in Hindi and English. If you are looking for unique and latest collection of motivational status messages then enjoy your ride.

Motivational status for Whatsapp, Facebook

Today we will cover the best of motivational Whatsapp status in Hindi and English. If you want status in Hindi they look for our best collection otherwise we have motivational Whatsapp status in English as well.

Best Motivational Status For Whatsapp In English

Let’s first look at the motivational status for Whatsapp in English first. Be the reason to motivate others either directly or indirectly.

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You failed because you stopped trying.
Success has a temporary rivalry with failures.
Work smart but show your success as a hard work.
Success has no shortcuts. Stop wasting time on finding it
Successful men don’t use shortcuts.
Winners never give excuses, losers have many excuses.
Once you will succeed, you will stop giving excuses.
Winners are by choice, not by chance.
Give your best to avoid the worst.
Before giving up, think of your family.
Before losing your position, think twice how you held that position.
You can’t win every battle, can win every heart.
Life without mistakes is like life without air.
No mistakes in your life mean you have not really tried.
Forget past, otherwise, future will not be curtained.
Soft people with tough thought can survive, but tough Just try to be flexible, otherwise storm of tough time will break you.
Just stronger your will, tough time will give you the way.
Yesterday will hurt you, tomorrow will frustrate you. Live hard in today to make better tomorrow.
Success equals to smart work plus hard work.
Success is for people who are in tough zone, not for those who are in comfort zone.

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Motivational Status For Whatsapp in Hindi

This section is for our Hindi lovers, you can inspire your love or you want to share Whatsapp status with him or her then we have unique collection for you to enjoy.

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अँधेरे से डरते हो? उजालो की जिंदगी क्या जियोगे फिर?
हारने के एहसास से ही जीतने का जज़्बा खत्म होता है। 
हारोगे तो दुनियाँ को समझोगे, जीतोगे तो दुनियाँ आपको समझेगी। 
हारने वाले ही जीत का स्वाद चखते हैं। 
कुछ हार ने आपको बेदम कर दिया? देखो हमारे हार के सेकरे ने हार को ही बेदम कर दिया। 
प्यार में धोखा खाया तो क्या गम है? आपका प्यार भी क्या धोखे से काम है?
क्या हुआ अगर मुसीबतों की लहर है? हिम्मत वाले तो लहरों पर ही घर बनाते हैं। 
 मेहनत कश लोगों के क़दमों में जहाँ होता है। 
सब नसीब का खाते हैं, आपके नसीब से बहुत लोग खाते हैं।  
हिम्मत से जीतों तो जाने, बातों से तो हर कोई  जीत जाता है। 
सफल आदमी की बेकार राय भी कबूल होगी,
नहीं हो सफल तो आपकी राय ही आपकी भूल होगी।  
नीयत अच्छी होगी तो नसीब आपका कहना मानेगी, वरना वही नसीब बहुत मारेगी।  
रास्ते ढूँढ़ने से अच्छा बनना सीखो, किसी को लूटने से अच्छा है, खुद कमाना सीखो। 
रास्ते ढूंढोगे तो हताशा मिलेगी, रास्ते बनाओगे तो सफलता मिलेगी। 
आपकी ख़ुशी आपकी  किस्मत  नहीं, आपकी  मेहनत तय करती है। 
हारने से हार नहीं होती, हार मानने से होती है। 
उस हार से क्या डरना जिसके नाम में ही हार हो। 
डरते तो वो हैं, जो अपनों से प्यार नहीं करते, करते तो हार के बाद, जीत के ना दिखाते?

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Best Motivational status for Whatsapp

As you know that is a only source of unique content. This section is for those who are the regular visitor of the Smileplzz. If your Whatsapp status is too old to be seen, then check our new inspirational Whatsapp status updates for you.

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Do you want to give up? Don’t, because you are not a loser.
A key to success, never give up.
Don’t waste your time on thinking about failure.
Did you fail? Fine, but don’t find an excuse to support your failure.
You can or you can’t is a mind game. Now decide you can or you can’t.
Think negative, because every negative will let you closer to positive.
Don’t afraid of falling, because more you fall more you bounce.
Don’t afraid of mistakes, because mistakes will let you closer to success.
I succeeded because i worked smart, you failed because you worked hard.
Success is a path of hard, smart and quality work.
For you glass is empty, but for me glass is full of air. Sometimes Change of thinking works.
Have the courage to accept the failure, I learnt 100 new things from my 100 failure.
Just look ordinary, but thinks extraordinary.
Don’t count your failure; just count your courage to face failure.
Problems are keys to open your blocked mind.
Life and house is somehow same, you need to preplan what are the things requires to build it.
Work smartly to reach your hardest goal.
Nothing is hard to achieve, those who have achieved are just a common man.

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