Monday 13 June 2016

Sorry SMS For Girlfriend, Boyfriend In Hindi

Enjoy cute, short, best and latest sorry SMS for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, and friends. Get cool sorry SMS quotes or text messages in Hindi and English for Whatsapp and Facebook.

Sorry SMS for Whatsapp or Facebook.

Sorry SMS in English

Get sorry messages in English to say what you can’t face to face. Enjoy the best and unique collection of sorry messages.

What I did was insane, I can’t face you but I want to convey my apology to you. I am very very sorry.
I know I hurt you but trust me I did not mean to hurt you. I am sorry.
Saying sorry just for the formality is showing you are not sorry from your soul.
Please forgive me, nobody is that sweet like you, I know I hurt you but I also know that you will forgive me
You are upset because of me but I can’t live with a guilt.please forgive me.
Your anger always asked me to say sorry, I am doing that because I don’t want to lose you.
Sometimes a truth is so naked, people say sorry by covering some part of it.
If you think you were right then don’t say sorry and stick with your stand because one day another person will say sorry to you.
I don’t think your way of approaching success is right because it will force you to say sorry to many people.
Don’t do anything silly tonight otherwise, you will feel sorry tomorrow morning.

Sorry SMS for girlfriend

If you have a girlfriend or being a girl you are looking for latest sorry messages then we have a sad and cool collection of short messages for you.

I am sorry honey, it’s not doubted but it is a possessive nature towards you.
I know things will not go normal easily but I will say sorry to you daily.
Your angry face makes you ugly but your smiling face is sexy, please forgive me, honey.
I am not jealous but I am afraid of losing best gift by god to me, I love you and sorry from my heart.
I know you are angry with me but I know you can’t hold your anger for long, I am sorry dear.
My mistakes show that I am a top class idiot but your kindness shows you are a top class partner.
I agree that I took you as a granted but trust me it will not happen again. I am sorry for the past.
I am saying sorry and you can see it all over in my facebook messages and Whatsapp quotes.
Being my girlfriend you have gone through hell but don’t forget true lovers stays together, whether it is heaven or hell. I am sorry dear
It’s your right to get angry on me as a girlfriend but don’t forget I have a right to pamper and butter you as a boyfriend.

Sorry SMS for boyfriend

If you are looking for sorry messages for your boyfriend or someone else boyfriend then enjoy our latest sorry SMS quotes to share with your friends or girlfriends.

My sorry can be seen by my tears, I love you, honey.
Sorry is like glue, it will repair any damage in a relation.
You are saying sorry because you know you were wrong, let’s make a right move to correct ourselves.
I lied that I don’t love you, sorry but I can’t live without you.
I am sorry, I can’t cry but you can see a pain in my heart.
I am sorry, let’s move on from being angry to being naughty.
I said sorry, just forgive me otherwise I will make my sorry viral on social sites.
I am born to irritate you but the true side is I love you, I am sorry dear.
Yes, I am crazy but not because of you but for you, sorry but can’t help it.
I repent on what I did, I am sorry but if you will not forgive me then it will go in vain.
My silence is showing respect for you, forgive me now or never.
You are sad and I am feeling bad for you. Forgive me, dear, otherwise, I will go mad.

Sorry SMS in HINDI for boyfriend

We have the best collection of Hindi sorry SMS for boyfriend, If you have a boyfriend who is angry with you then better convey your real feeling in Hindi

माफ़ कर दो, वरना मेरी माफ़ी का पैगाम वायरल हो जाएगा,और आपको सुबह शाम सताएगा।
मेरी भूल को बस भूल ही समझना, हो सके तो भूल ही जाना,भूल को ही भूलना, कभी हमें ना भूलाना। 
मनाना तो चाहते हैं आपको, पर क्या करें रूठे हुए ही देखना चाहते हैं आपको। 
जबसे तुम नाराज हुए, तबसे हम उदास हुए,तुम लडकी बने, और हम तुम्हे छेडने वाले लरके हुए। 
जैसे आप अपने गलतियों पर शर्मिन्दा होते हो,वैसे आज हम अपनी गलती पर शर्मिंदा है। 
आपकी नाराजगी मेरे बर्दाश्त से बहार है,माफ़ कर दो नहीं तो हम आपकी पहुँच से बहार होंगे। 
आपको धोखा देने का कभी नहीं सोचा था,पर किसी धोकेबाज़ के धोखे में आएंगे, ऐसा भी न सोचा था। 
हम आपकी मर्दानगी पे मरते थे, रूठना मनाना तो हम करते थे,जो हमारा था वो हमें दे दो, और हमें माफ़ कर दो। 
हमारी गलती को गलती समझ के दिल साफ़ रखना, हमें कुछ हो जाये उससे पहले ही माफ़ करना।  
मेरा माफ़ी माँगना ये नहीं दिखाता की मैं गलत हूँ,पर ये दिखाता है की रिश्तों की कदर करने में मैं गलत नहीं हूँ। 


We have just covered best, sad sorry SMS for boyfriend, girlfriend in HINDI and English. Enjoy cool and cute SMS collection and share it with your friends.

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