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Whatsapp Status For Father And Daughter - Father’s day quotes

Enjoy cute, cool, funny, best Whatsapp status for father in Hindi, English. Get Whatsapp status for father and daughter, love, birthday, father’s day quotes. Only latest and new father’s day quotes or message for facebook.

Whatsapp status for father, Father's day

Whatsapp status for father and daughter

The father and daughter relation is like a best buddy who shares their likes and dislikes frankly. Share your feeling for you father using our new Whatsapp status for a father.

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I am grown up, but still, I need you to look into some matters. I love you, dad.

Father is an institution, who will let you see the real color of the world.
I always take care of my best gift by the god, it’s my father.
My father taught me how to compete, now even he can’t defeat me.
I saw my photo in my father’s wallet, then I realized why hard coconuts are soft from inside.
Dad, I just wanted to say thank you, for being a protective and caring father over the years.
You gave everything on demand, though you cut down your expenses but never let our wish down.
My superhero is my special dad, I have no words for your love and affection.
I never felt alone in tough time because I had my father's shoulder to cry.
It’s true that moms are loving but it’s also true that fathers are more caring towards their child.

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Whatsapp status for father love

We know that father does not share their feelings but they share their love and affection. Return him love with heart touching quotes.

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Father’s know when to pamper and when to be strict against a child.
I was the duffer kid of my parents but my father loved me a lot.
My father was wrong once when he thought I don’t love him. I still love you, papa.
I am blessed just because my father stood against all my failure. Thanks for all courage that you gave me dad.
Being a child I thought my father don’t love me, now being a father, I can see the same feeling in my kids. I love you, dad
One should love and respect their fathers because whatever they are just because of them.
Good fathers seem like a tough guy but they know how to make good kids.
I love father not for being a caring dad but for supporting, understanding and sourcing strength from the start.
My father played mother’s role as well, I never saw my mother but I never missed her. Happy father’s day dad.
I never missed my friends because I have my best at home, yes my cute father.

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Whatsapp status for father in Hindi

If you are looking for Hindi father status for Whatsapp, then enjoy the cute and heart touching father quotes or messages.

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अपने हाँथों को देखता हूँ, तो खुश होता हूँ,
किसी से तो पापा की ऊँगली पकड़ के चलना सीखा होगा। 
शुक्रिया तेरा खुदा, इस बात के लिए नहीं की तूने जहाँ बनाया,
पर इस बात के लिए की तूने पापा जैसा फरिश्ता बनाया। 
कुछ पिता होंगे जो सिर्फ पीते होंगे,
कुछ पिता होंगे जो सिर्फ चीखते होंगे,
पर कुछ पिता हैं, जो बच्चों के लिए सिर्फ जीते होंगे। 
पापा और सूरज दोनों गरम होते हैं,
ना हो तो जिंदगी में अँधेरा चा जाता है ।
Happy  father's day.
माँ-बाप दुबारा नहीं मिलेंगे, मिलेंगे बहुत लोग,
पर गलतियों को माफ़ करने वाले माँ-बाप नहीं मिलेंगे। 
पापा को प्यार हमें ज्यादा करना चाहिए,
क्यूँकि वो हमारी माँ को भी प्यार  करते हैं।
I love you, papa.
पापा और नारियल दोनों कठोर दिखते हैं, पर अंदर से बहुत सॉफ्ट होते हैं। 
नहीं भूल पाएंगे वो पल, जब आप हमारे लिए अपनी खुशियों का sacrifies करते थे,
हम बच्चे वो नहीं जानते थे, हो सके तो माफ़ कर देना पापा। 
जन्मदिन मुबारक हो आपको पापा, आप जैसा कोई और नहीं है पापा। I love you, Papa.
आपने कैसे सोच लिया, आपका जन्मदिन भूल गए हम पापा,
आपके जैसा cute cake लाएँ हैं पापा, जन्मदिन मुबारक हो, हमारे प्यारे पापा। 

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Whatsapp status for father birthday

We all love our father, and we always like to wish him on two occasions most, first Father’s day and second on his birthday. You can use these quotes for both. Enjoy new and latest father birthday status.

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Happy birthday, dad today is the right time to say thanks for being so caring and protective.
I am thankful to god that they sent an angel to take care of me. Happy birthday, papa.
I never want a genie to fulfill my wish because my dad was one call away to fulfill my wish. Happy birthday, dad.
Many many happy returns of the day dad, and thanks for being my strength in my tough time.
My dad is tough for others but soft for us, that is why people love you and coconut. Happy birthday, papa.
I can’t find any gifts for you because nothing is as precious as you dad. I love you and enjoy the birthday.
I wish god should gift every child, a father like you. Accept my birthday wishes dad.
Birthday wishes for my amazing father from your cool son. I love you, dad.
Agreed that you don’t want anything from your kids but you can’t stop us loving and respecting you. Enjoy your birthday dad.
I love my dad because he taught me to use wisdom in critical time. Happy birthday, papa.
Happy birthday, dad and thanks for being protective tree who taught us to live smart.

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