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Relationship status for Whatsapp in Hindi, English, Distance Relationship Quotes

Enjoy best, bad, love, cute, single relationship status for Whatsapp in Hindi, English. Get latest, new and long distance relationship status for Whatsapp, facebook, gf, bf, husband, wife. Only short and unique relationship status quotes or messages.

Relationship status for Whatsapp in English

If you are looking for cool and love relationship status quotes then enjoy our short collection of cool quotes.
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If you are honest then be in a relationship otherwise happy alone.
Emotional people will respond to hurting calls, they care for a relationship.
Once you lose trust in a relationship, it will hardly rebuild.
Exams and relationships are totally different, stop cheating.
sometimes circumstances make people become friends though they love each other.
Relationship demands loyalty and flirting is a sin.
Never lie or cheat in a relationship.
Relationships are immortal but they can be murdered by lie, cheating, ego and attitude.
Ideal relationship – best lovers and best friends too.
Avoid in a relationship with someone who does not care for your feeling.
Love is permanent, a relationship is temporary.
You forgive your partner because you love and respect the relationship.
Best relationship – fight for right and stay as the best friends.
Perfect relationship, fight, ignore, avoid but stay together for life.
Books and relationships are same, years to build and seconds to burn.

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Relationship status for Whatsapp in Hindi

So you want Hindi relationship status for Whatsapp? No problem for our Hindi readers we have a funny and short collection of relationship status quotes in Hindi.

वो हमारे दिल में नहीं, हम उनके दिमाग में नहीं, फिर भी शिकायत है एक दूसरे से।
रिश्ते रोज़ साथ रहने या बात करने से नहीं बनते, बनते हैं दूर रह के निभाने से निभाने से।
अजीब प्यार है, साथ तो बाते लंबी, दूर रहे तो यादे लंबी। 
जितनी बार रुठोगे मना लुंगी, बस याद रहे, कोई दूसरी बीच में ना आए। 
इतने सालों का साथ और कोई लड़ाई नहीं, ऐसे रिश्ते की सच्चाई पर यकीन नही। 
प्यार में शिकवा और शिकायत की गुँजाइश होनी चाहिए, बस रंजिश नहीं होनी चाहिए।
प्यार में हो तो उससे बिछड़ने  लिए भी तैयार रहो, क्योंकि प्यार की बुनियाद खोखली  होती है। 
सच्चे प्यार की बुनियाद ना हिलाये हिलेगी और ना मिटाये मिटेगी। 
दिमाग और दिल का प्यार अलग है, एक की बुनियाद खोखली होती है और दूसरे की बुनियाद ही नहीं होती।  
आपका अपने partner को माफ़ कर देना, आपकी सच्ची भावना दिखाता है उस relationship के लिए। 
लड़ो, झगड़ो पर बेस्ट friend जैसे साथ रहो, इसे कहते हैं सच्चा relationship.      

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Distance relationship status for Whatsapp

It’s sad to hear that you are in long distance love but surely your is true love and hope you will continue it too. Just enjoy our long distance relationship status for Whatsapp, facebook.

You are easy to be forgiven but hard to be forgotten. I miss you.
Your absence sharpens love and presence glorify it.
hard to believe – perfect couples living perfectly apart from each other.
I am with you, as long as you trust our relationship.
You are miles away from me, my soul is with you.
True love can wait for not for seen time.
I hate watching stars without you. come back soon.
I miss your presence but can feel you in memories.
You are not with me still, you are first in my heart and long last in my dreams.
Distance relationship will make true lovers bridge the distance.
Yes, it is true, we are long distance relationship lovers, just to secure our family future.

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Sad relationship status for Whatsapp

Are you looking for short and sad relation quotes? Then forget the searching and enjoy unique and short sad relationship quotes with friends.

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I am slowly coming out of our sad relationship.
Sad part of our relationship is, I used to forgive you for your sins.
I am hurt, I am alone and sad part is- I am in a relationship.
Sad part about our love relation is- love is one sided.
The best way of getting out of sad relation – your partner does not deserve you.
I love loneliness because your presence kills me.
Sometimes I felt of killing myself but you don’t worth it.
Best way to get out of sad relationships –“ burn the memories”.
We were living happily, now living alone and ignored.
To hide a broken relation, just keep smiling.

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