Thursday 22 December 2016

Attitude status for Whatsapp, Attitude quotes in Hindi, English, Facebook

Enjoy best, short, cute, cool, hot, attitude status for Whatsapp, facebook, girlfriend, boyfriend, and friends. Get funny, top, popular attitude status for Whatsapp in Hindi font, English. Only new, unique, latest, updated attitude quotes, sayings, messages in Hindi, English.

Attitude status for Whatsapp in Hindi font

In case, you want to share attitude quotes in Hindi with friends then don’t worry we have top, popular, unique and famous attitude status for Whatsapp in Hindi for you guys. Just chill and enjoy sharing your feelings with friends.

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जो लोग करते हैं वो हम नहीं करते, जो हम करते हैं वो लोग नहीं कर पाते |
हम झुकना जानते हैं, गुलामों की तरह नहीं, शरीफों की तरह |
आदमी हाइ क्लास नहीं, उसकी सोच हाइ क्लास होनी चाहिए |
हमारी हसियत देखने के बाद लोग अपनी औकात भूल जाते हैं |
हमारी श्कशियात ही कुछ एसी है, हमारे जेसा बनने के चक्कर में खुद की भुला बैठेते हैं |
हमे देख कर लोग जलते हैं, इसीलये अपनी जिंदगाई जाहनुऊँ बनाते हैं |
तूने मुझे नहीं, पेसों से प्यार किया, देख मैने तेरा प्यार नहीं तुझे खरीद लिया |
जुनून होता है तो अपनो का हीं नहीं गैरों का भी गुरूर चकनाचूर होता है |
माना की तेरी खूबसूरती के दीवाने होंगे, पर उससे ज़्यादा फ़ेसबुक पर मेरे चाहने वाले होंगे |
आपकी वाट हम त्रिग्र से नहीं अपने जिगर से लगायेंगे |
तुम मुझसे जलते हो? तो साइड में क्यूँ नहीं चलते हो?
हमे मारना चाहती हो, पर ऐसा सोचने से भी डरती हो |

शराब को पीके लोग बहक जाते हैं, हमारे छूते ही शराब बहक जाती है |

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Attitude status for Whatsapp in English

So you have got an attitude and want show same to your opponents? No problem, we have a cool, cute, funny, lovely attitude status for Whatsapp in English. Never forget to share our creativity with your friends on social sites.

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Hard luck, I am not available always, try other time.
I imagine hot, don’t call me dirty.
Silent Sea and I can trouble anybody.
Silent mind has violent thoughts.
Lazy people always find under construction road to success.
Hard work will win you goal, not immediately but definitely.
Laughing at own problems will discourage people to laugh at you.
Don’t call me violent mind, I just like playing with weapons.
My opinions can vary on the same topic, the fact will not change “ I am always right”.
You hate fat people? It’s your problem, I love to be called fat.
Want to be called a hero? Tolerate me every day and become the hero for my eyes.
My style reflects my attitude, just mind it.
My eyes can speak, it’s not an attitude, it’s natural expression.
I am perfect because nobody is perfect, I am not a nobody.
I tried my best to become you, my personality lost attitude.
Remember, your anger will destroy your pretty face.
My girlfriend like reel hero’s but love her real superhero.
Wife and fight are similar, you will enjoy it if it’s not yours.
Girlfriend and phone are somewhat similar, you can change with fashion or passion.
Stop barking because it’s dog duty.
I hate liars because people calls me with that name.
Don’t show me your anger otherwise, you will be in danger.

Beware, you can’t hold me for a life.

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